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Tia Li admits progressing well with Kai Ko

Kai Ko and Tia Li are caught on numerous dates together. Although the couple has yet to acknowledge their relationship, Kia hinted earlier that he “would not rule out the possibility of them developing further.”  At the talk show Kangxi Lai Le <康熙来了>, Tia was probed about her relationship with Kai by ...

Tiffany Hsu confirms breakup with Ethan Ruan

Yesterday, Tiffany Hsu promoted her latest idol drama, Wake Up <麻醉風暴> and her relationship status became the highlight of the press conference. Tiffany and her boyfriend of 8 years, Ethan Ruan reportedly have broken up last month. Ethan is said to have been trying to salvage the relationship as he dismissed their...

Etta Ng refuses to go home again after a heated quarrel with mum

Etta Ng has sought help from school again after a heated argument with her mother, Elaine Ng. Elaine was also informed by the school that Etta had refused to go home. Last night, Elaine went down to the school and hoped to see Etta. However, the school refused to let her meet Etta and instead arranged a […]

Elva Hsiao needs impulse to get married : “Maybe next month”

Elva Hsiao and Singaporean boyfriend Elroy Cheo are rumoured to tie the knot soon. Elva was recently spotted hosting her future in-laws at Taipei. Attending an event yesterday, Elva was grilled about her wedding plans. The 35-year-old said, “I don’t know. How can we be certain about such things?” R...

Dee Hsu injured in a cycling accident

Dee Hsu has sustained injuries after being hurt in a cycling accident. The Taiwanese host revealed in her Facebook that her bicycle lost control while she was riding down a slope during a cycling trip with her husband Mike Hsu and a group of friends. “My whole body flew out with my face landed on the ground. We [...

Etta Ng begs mum to let her meet her dad, Jackie Chan

Last month, Elaine Ng was arrested for alleged child abuse after her daughter, Etta Ng reported the case to the police. After being discharged from hospital, Etta refused to move back home as she did not know how to face her mother. Etta then moved in with her godmother. Two weeks ago, Etta finally moved back home and ...

What is Vivian Hsu doing in the hospital?

Vivian Hsu was hospitalised recently after suffering from stomach flu, which resulted in severe vomiting and diarrhoea. Vivian who is currently pregnant has to be bed-ridden and stay in hospital for observation. Having a long hair, Vivian has not washed her hair for 5 days. Yesterday, the 40-year-old Taiwanese star sha...

Evonne Hsu is pregnant!

Taiwanese American Mandopop singer, Evonne Hsu is pregnant! Evonne tied the knot with her businessman husband, Dennis two years ago in Bali. Last year, she stopped her work completely and flew to Texas to embark on her baby-making plan. Yesterday, the 38-year-old shared her joy on her Weibo. “I have a very import...

Aaron Yan is blasted for his “rain triggers earthquake” theory

Aaron Yan has been blasted terribly for his “rain triggers earthquake” theory. Two days ago, Aaron shared his thoughts about a series of earthquakes that hit Taiwan recently. He said, “It has not rained for a while. This week’s heavy rainfall has moistened the dry soil and causes the soil to ero...

Elva Hsiao and Singaporean boyfriend to tie the knot soon?

Elva Hsiao’s relationship with Singaporean boyfriend, Elroy Cheo has been stable. Dating for 10 months, Elva recently paid a visit to Elroy’s home during the lunar new year. A few days ago, Elva was also spotted hosting Elroy and his parents in a restaurant at Taipei. Dressed in causal attire, Elva did not ...

TVB has plans to film ‘The Greed of Man’ movie

TVB’s classic drama, The Greed of Man <大時代> has broken the ratings record in the midnight slot since it was re-broadcast on Monday. The drama has achieved an average of 5.6 points, which has attracted 360,000 viewers. Its first episode peaked at 6.4 points and attracted as many as 410,000 viewers even when ...