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Chen Xiao visits Michelle Chen’s family during lunar new year

Michelle Chen accepted Chen Xiao’s wedding proposal last October, and will be tying the knot soon. In December, Michelle visited Chen Xiao’s parents in Hefei. During the lunar new year, Chen Xiao accompanied Michelle back to Taiwan and visited her family. Michelle also introduced Chen Xiao to her good frien...

Ex-couple, Amber Kuo and Tony Yang hold hands at movie premiere

Amber Kuo and Tony Yang were thrust in the spotlight when the ex-couple held hands at the red carpet of their movie premiere, David Loman 2 <大尾鱸鰻2>. Amber and Tony called it quits last year after dating for 3 years. It was a surprise when they walked hand-in-hand at their movie premiere. In the movie, Amber and [...

Alvin Chau’s sister scolds Mandy Lieu on Facebook

Last December, Macau tycoon Alvin Chau publicly held Mandy Lieu’s hands openly, and allowed reporters captured their hand-holding photo. Unable to tolerate her husband’s behaviour anymore, Heidi Chan filed for a divorce to end their marriage.  After regaining his single status, Alvin has been spending more time o...

Attacker splashed Carl Ng with red paint

Hong Kong actor, Carl Ng was returning to his apartment at the Central, Hong Kong yesterday evening when he met an attacker who suddenly splashed him with red paint. When the reporter arrived, Carl was spotted talking to a police officer angrily. Red paint was also seen splattered on the wall of the building. When Carl...

Jerry Yan spotted at Ruby Lin’s birthday party!

Jerry Yan and Ruby Lin were rumoured together after the duo was seen heading home together after a gathering.  After the rumours surfaced, both Jerry and Ruby clarified that Jerry was only visiting Vic Chou, who happened to stay at the same apartment building with her. Ruby also said, “There is nothing between us...

Liddy Li scolded by netizens after sending congratulations to Angelica Lee

Angelica Lee’s film director husband, Oxide Pang was photographed kissing young model, Liddy Li two years ago. Following the scandal, Angelica and Oxide’s marriage was on the rocks. However, Angelica eventually forgave Oxide. Recently, Angelica announced happily that she was pregnant with twins. Through the...

Zhang Ziyi celebrates baby’s first month

Zhang Ziyi gave birth to her first baby on December 27, 2015. She and Wang Feng also held a first month celebration for their baby girl recently. Yesterday, she posted on her Weibo a photo of her baby’s first month cake and also a photo of her baby in her diapers. She said, “Hello friends of daddy […...

Angelababy hopes to have a baby monkey

Angelababy was in Hong Kong recently for a Chinese New Year event. At the event, a little boy and girl went up stage and presented gifts to her. Thereafter, two babies also appeared on stage. Upon seeing the babies, Angelababy was so excited and even carried one of the babies. When asked what was the […]

Angelica Lee forgives husband’s cheating and is now expecting twins

Angelica Lee is expecting a pair of twins! Yesterday, the 40-year-old Malaysian singer-actress shared a drawing of her pregnant self holding hands with her husband to announce the joyous news. She wrote on her Weibo, “This new year, we bring a heart filling with joy, and welcome the arrival of two new lives!̶...

By2’s Miko bids farewell to Jack Luck

Australian-Korean model and TV presenter, Jack Luck committed suicide on January 20, 2016 at his Taipei home. Before his suicide, he sent his last text message to By2’s Miko, but it was too late when Miko saw his message. It was a regret for Miko and she blamed herself for not being able to help Jack. By2 has bee...

Final trailer of “From Vegas to Macau III” released

Starring a superstar cast including Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung, Carina Lau and Li Yuchun, From Vegas to Macau III <賭城風雲III> held a press conference at Beijing two days ago. Apart from Andy, most of the cast attended the press conference. The final trailer of the movie was also released at t...