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Fala Chen receives HK$10 million from ex-husband?

Fala Chen was rumoured to have divorced with Neway heir, Daniel Sit in 2013. According to Hong Kong tabloids, Daniel was said to have given HK$10 million to Fala after they separated. For the past few years, Fala stopped her work to further her studies in United States. Besides her living expenses, she still had to pay...

Jolin Tsai once viewed ex-boyfriend as enemy

Recently, Jolin Tsai conducted a lecture and discussed about her work and her past relationship. When recalling about her past love, Jolin pondered for a while and said, “There are many stages after you breakup. At first, you complain and feel that you are not good enough. You would also try to find out the reaso...

Natalie Tong too shy to let Tony Hung hold her hand on the street

Natalie Tong and Tony Hung are rumoured to be tying the knot soon, as they were recently being spotted viewing a property together at the Mid-Levels in Hong Kong. A few days ago, the couple was seen on a date in Causeway Bay. Natalie and Tony were initially very sweet, but after discovering reporters, they looked embar...

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin dating for four months

Wallace Huo dropped the bomb when he announced on May 20 that he was dating Ruby Lin!  The couple are good friends for 10 years, also know each other’s parents well. However, it was Ruby’s birthday in January this year that changed their friends’ status. Ruby said, “He celebrated my birthday eve...

54-year-old Alex To announces he’s going to be a dad

54-year-old Alex To has announced that he is going to be a dad soon! Alex announced his wife’s pregnancy on his social media and said, “Life is indeed full of magic and surprises. I always thought that I would only love my wife in my life, but now I have to love two people at the same […]

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin finally go public with their relationship!

Wallace Huo, 36 and Ruby Lin, 40 decided to go public with their relationship today, May 20, which symbolizes “I Love You” in Chinese! Wallace first posted on the Weibo page of his work studio, “Wallace says: he hopes to receive your blessings.” He then tagged Ruby in his post, announcing that h...

Liu Yifei attacked by a crazy male fan on stage!

Chinese actress, Liu Yifei is nicknamed as the “fairy sister” in the entertainment industry. Due to her demure and sweet image, she has captured the hearts of many male fans. Yesterday, she attended a publicity event of her new movie, Night Peacock <夜孔雀>, and was suddenly attacked by a crazed male fan...

Myolie Wu shocks husband with a secretive kiss

Myolie Wu and her husband Philip Lee are often separated due to their busy schedules. Recently, Myolie is also busy with her stage play rehearsals in China, and was not able to attend a wedding with her husband in Taiwan. However, after wrapping up her work early, Myolie decided to fly over to Taiwan to […]

Mat Yeung and Lisa Ch’ng caught kissing on street

After Mat Yeung and Lisa Ch’ng went public with their relationship, they have been a target for paparazzi. Last Sunday, Lisa was seen having dinner with her friends. Mat, who was working in Shenzhen rushed back to meet his girlfriend. He did not even went home to put down his luggage, and hurriedly drove to [&hel...

Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao confirms wedding in July

Return of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶> couple, Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao will be tying the knot on July 19, 2016 in Beijing, followed by another wedding on July 21, 2016 in Taipei! Michelle and Chen Xiao met in 2013 after collaborating in Chinese drama Return of the Condor Heroes. No sparks were ignited at that tim...

Chu Ke-liang on Jeannie Hsieh’s allegations: “You are vicious”

At her concert last Saturday (May 14), Jeannie Hsieh brought up her sad past and accused her father Chu Ke-liang of abusing her mother, having extra-marital affair and leaving their family behind to shoulder his debts. After 22 hours, Chu Ke-liang posted a video to retaliate his daughter, saying that she was “vic...