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Tang Wei and Kim Tae Yong wed secretly in Sweden

Tang Wei and Kim Tae Yong got married in a secret ceremony in Sweden on 13 July 2014 (Swedish date). The 34-year-old Chinese actress and the 44-year-old Korean director held an intimate ceremony in a farm at Fårö, where the famed Swedish director-producer, Ingmar Bergman had lived when he was alive. It was a warm and s...

G.E.M. Tang upset over hoax photos

G.E.M. Tang is extremely upset when a series of provocative photos, directed at her have been circulating on the web. In the photos, a topless woman who was purported to be G.E.M. posed seductively with intense facial expressions. According to the analysis by netizens, the woman in the photo is not G.E.M. as she had [....

Sire Ma suspended by TVB after racy video and photo went viral

  After Sire Ma’s relationship with Chinese businesswoman Wang Ziqi surfaced last year, TVB pulled her out from filming series and reassigned her to hosting jobs, hoping that it may help to repair her bad image. Barely eight months from her lesbian scandal, Sire’s image is totally destroyed again after a st...

Vivian Hsu hopes for a baby boy after wedding

Vivian Hsu and Singapore-based businessman, Sean Lee held a wedding banquet at the Le Meridien Taipei yesterday evening. Wearing a pink Vera Wang gown which costs NT$198,000, Vivian looks like a princess in a fairytale story. Vivian also appeared to be putting on weight since her wedding registration in February. Curre...
Rainie Prince

Rainie Yang and Prince have got back together?

It looks like Rainie Yang and JPM’s Prince have got back together again! Rainie and Prince ended their two-year relationship in March. Although refusing to comment on their breakup, both have emphasised on their single status. However, Prince may not want to end his relationship with Rainie yet. He reportedly had...

Cecilia Liu rumoured to be pregnant

Cecilia Liu was rumoured to be pregnant after she had turned down filming in the second half of the year. Cecilia, who was spotted with Nicky Wu at the Shanghai airport recently wore loose clothing and a pair of flats. The Bu Bu Jing Xin star reportedly has halted her work in the later part of [...]

Tavia Yeung refuses to marry Him Law due to mom’s objection?

Although in a stable relationship for three years, Tavia Yeung reportedly refuses to marry Him Law because of his mediocre career and mother’s objections. 34-year-old Tavia and 29-year-old Him hooked up three years ago while filming The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小时>. Back then, Him suffered a plunge in h...

Tang Wei spotted with a baby bump

Shortly after her sudden engagement with Korean director, Kim Tae Yong, whispers began circulating that Tang Wei could be pregnant. Although her agency has dispelled the rumours, the Lust, Caution star was spotted at a Shanghai event with a possible baby bump. Wearing a tight white dress, the skinny Tang Wei was seen w...
Lin Chiling

Lin Chi-ling desires to have baby

Taiwanese model-actress, Lin Chi-ling expressed her desire to have a family after learning about the wedding news of Zhou Xun. The 39-year-old, who had two past relationships with F4′s Jerry Yan and businessman Qiu Shi Kai, is still looking for love. When asked if she had set her criteria too high, Chi-ling said,...

Nicky Wu gives bizarre response to wedding question

After announcing their relationship, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu have no qualms about displaying their affections openly. At the 2013 Baidu Fei Dian Awards last year, Nicky even kissed Cecilia on stage to show his love for her.  Recently, the lovebirds were seen at the airport together. Despite wearing masks, they were st...