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Grace Chan proves she has not undergone plastic surgery

Recently, Grace Chan and Sisley Choi attended a press conference for TVB’s travel programme A Starry Homecoming <星星探親團>. For this programme, Grace returned to her school in Vancouver for filming. She said that her teachers were shocked that she had joined the showbiz. “I was very quiet in the past. Ma...

JJ Lin disappears in dry ice during Star Awards 2016 performance

JJ Lin was invited by a guest performer and presenter at the Singapore’s Star Awards 2016 on Sunday (April 24). During his performance, he suddenly went missing and a video of his magical disappearing act has been circulating crazily on the Internet. When JJ was singing his hit song, Twilight <不為誰而作的歌>, the...

Gigi Leung accidentally slips on ice on stage

Two days ago, Gigi Leung attended the 2016 Beijing International Film Festival as a guest presenter and shocked the audience and the media when she accidentally fell on stage. Gigi was supposed to walk over to the centre of the stage. She was already very careful with her steps, since wearing a pair of heels. […...

Cecilia Cheung makes police report after receiving threatening phone call

Cecilia Cheung has been busy filming new film: Out of control: The Phantom Speed <失控:幽靈飛車>, and she is embroiled in a negative report. Her manager, Emily received a threatening phone call, which claimed that Cecilia did not honour the terms in contract after receiving HK$32 million of remuneration. The alleged cr...

Denise Ho nearly assaulted by lecherous landlord in Finland

Recently, Denise Ho and Zac Koo were filming a programme in Europe. After the filming ended, Denise went backpacking alone for a month. To save up some money, Denise did not stay at hotels, but instead rented lodging at local homes. Unfortunately, she met a lecherous landlord and had to escape from his assault in the m...

Moses Chan spotted kissing his wife

TVB couple, Moses Chan and Aimee Chan have two sons, Aiden Joshua and Nathan Lucas. Currently, Aimee is expecting their third child and she is expected to give birth at end of this month. Recently, the couple was spotted with their younger son, Nathan at a medical building in Central. It is likely that they had an [&he...

Kate Tsui still has requests to perform ‘Hit Me’

Recently, Kate Tsui attended an event in a striking red dress. When being told that her outfit lacked sexiness, Kate said, “It’s very subjective. I don’t understand why people would describe me this way. The word sexy should not be used on me. From young to now, I am still very boyish, and my figure i...

Raymond Lam has to change all his boxers after drastic weight loss

Raymond Lam has been busy preparing for his HEART ATTACK LF Live in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Coliseum at end of this month. For the past few months, he has been busy working out and losing weight, so as to present his best to his fans. Every time he appeared in public, he would be spotted skinnier. […]

Nicholas Tse’s five-year-old son refuses to see him

After the reconciliation of Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong, there have been wedding rumours about the couple. Their families are also supportive of their reconciliation. Nicholas’ sister openly supported him, and said that she “believed in his decision”. Faye’s daughter, Leah Dou also said that she ...

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee planning for second baby

Singaporean actress, Fann Wong attended a jewellery event in Taiwan yesterday. Wearing a striking red dress accessorized with dazzling jewellery, Fann looked stunning even at the age of 45. When asked if her husband, Christopher had gifted her any jewellery, she said, “He gave me a doggy ring, and I love it.̶...

Laurinda Ho: We are just friends

Macau’s casino king Stanley Ho’s daughter, Laurinda Ho was suspected to have reconciled with Kenji Wu after she was seen returning to his home two months ago. Recently, Laurinda was rumoured to be dating Kai Ko after the latter was seen wrapping his arms around her shoulders.  Laurinda has since denied her relationship...

Ken Chu breaks down in tears revealing the reason behind his weight gain

As compared to the other three F4 members, Ken Chu looks visibly heavier over the years. With his weight gain, he was also having a hard time drowning out the jibes on him. Recently, Ken recorded the Chinese variety programme, Burning Calories <燃燒吧!卡路里>. Suddenly, he was in pain and he had to skip the first half ...

Tia Li is out? Has Kai Ko hooked up with Kenji Wu’s ex?

Kai Ko and Tia Li were rumoured to have broken up for a month! Kai was also said to be dating Kenji Wu’s ex-girlfriend, Laurinda Ho. Last week, Kai was spotted at a KTV lounge in Taipei, and there was a male and a female accompanying him. When his female friend turned around, paparazzi noticed that she […]...