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Oops! Hannah Quinlivan accidentally leaks out secret with Jay Chou

Recently, Hannah Quinlivan recorded the programme, Kangxi Coming and was interrogated by the hosts Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai, who are well-known for their sharp tongues. During the programme, Kevin revealed that Jay Chou had called him in advance and requested him not to pose difficult questions to his would-be wife. Howe...

Gaile Lok has broken up with New Zealander boyfriend

Ex-wife of Leon Lai, Gaile Lok reportedly has broken up with her New Zealander boyfriend, Denim. Gaile was linked to Denim after her divorce with Leon two years ago. When asked to respond on the breakup rumours, Gaile said, “I have always declined to respond on relationship matters. There is no need to address th...

Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day

Wong Cho Lam successfully proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years, Leanne Li in front of millions of viewers at the TVB Anniversary programme two days ago. Sources revealed that the couple intends to have their wedding ceremony at the Disneyland on next year’s Valentine’s Day. Both Cho Lam and Leanne adore Mi...

Jay Chou’s wedding likely to set on 18 January

For the first time, Jay Chou officially acknowledged Hannah Quinlivan as his significant half when he shared their loving photos on his product brand Mr. J’s Weibo. Jay remarked on his photos, “I received many blessings from my fans after my concert yesterday. They wished me happiness. After seeing all of you bri...

Nancy Wu says breakup not due to third party

Nancy Wu recently revealed that she had broken up with her boyfriend of two years, Patt Shum. Nancy said that she had been down for a while after breaking up with her boyfriend. “I took a break from work for 4 to 5 months. Now, work is my priority.” Earlier reports stated that Patt was found out [...]

Liddy Li has attempted to commit suicide

Hong Kong model Liddy Li was caught having a affair with Angelica Lee’s director husband, Oxide Pang. Shortly after, Liddy’s father was identified as the gunman who shot himself dead after killing his neighbour. At a recent interview, Liddy revealed that both incidents were a big blow to her and she had att...

Brigitte Lin dispels marriage trouble rumours on 60th birthday

Brigitte Lin held a grand celebration for her 60th birthday yesterday and invited many celebrity friends to her party. Cherie Chung, Cally Kwong, Carina Lau and Tony Leung were among the many guests who attended Brigitte’s birthday party. In recent years, there have been rumours circling that the marriage of Brig...

Angelica Lee has patched things back with Oxide Pang

Angelica Lee’s husband, Oxide Pang was caught cheating after being photographed kissing model, Liddy Li on the street.  Attending an event with Sylvia Chang in Taiwan today, Angelica was spotted looking cheery. When asked about her marriage with Oxide, Angelica did not dodge the question and said, “We are g...