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Sonia Siu plans to give birth in Singapore

According to Taiwanese media, Sonia Siu is currently 7 months pregnant. The 34-year-old model-actress still looked fabulous and slim when she attended an event this afternoon. Standing at 171 cm tall, Sonia has put on 10 kg of weight since her pregnancy. She now weighs 60 kg. Sonia revealed that after discussion with h...

F.I.R.’s Real Huang welcomes first baby

F.I.R.’s band member, Real Huang and his wife, Flora welcome their first baby girl on Sunday (28 June). Real shared the excited news and posted several baby photos on his Facebook. He said, “Let me protect this family from now on.” Flora also said that when her baby was first born, she was crying. Aft...

David Tao’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of cheating on his wife

Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao and his heiress girlfriend Penny got married in last August. In less than a year, David’s ex-girlfriend exposed that he had an affair behind his wife’s back. David’s ex-girlfriend, Yang Ziqing exposed that she once dated David. After his marriage, they still conti...

Myolie Wu urges the paparazzi to stop harassing her family

Myolie Wu has been a target by the paparazzi after she was rumoured to be getting married by end of the year. Although Myolie has denied her wedding rumours, the paparazzi continue to stalk her and her family. Unable to tolerate anymore, Myolie urged the media to stop harassing her family. She wrote on her […]

Show Luo rumoured to get married end of the year

Rumours are circling that Show Luo and Chinese fashion blogger, Zhou Yangqing would be getting married end of the year. Show will be turning 36 next month, and Jay Chou who was of the same age as him had already got married. As Show’s mum likes Yangqing and has been hoping for a grandchild, the filial Show hopes ...

Kevin Tsai speaks on coming out of the closet: “We are not monsters”

Taiwanese host Kevin Tsai came out of the closet in 2001 when he was interrogated by writer Li Ao on his sexual orientation. Although he has come out for 14 years, Kevin said that he usually would not advise gay celebrities to come out. At a Chinese talk show U Can U Bibi <奇葩說>, Kevin shared that there were [&hel...

Aarif Rahman elated with The Empress of China’s ratings

The Empress of China <武則天> has garnered rave reviews and excellent ratings since it was aired in Hong Kong. On Sunday’s night, the 55th episode averaged at 29 points and peaked at 30 points. Last night’s 56th episode scored at average of 29 points and peaked at 31 points, attracting almost 2 million v...

Christine Fan reveals her painful fertility journey

Taiwanese celebrity couple, Christine Fan and Blackie Chen welcomed their twin boys in January this year. In Christine’s new book, The pandas are here <熊貓來了>, the 39-year-old mother revealed her pain and suffering on her fertility journey. Christine shared that in order to conceive, she had taken the ovulat...

Kevin Cheng celebrates Grace Chan’s 24th birthday

Today is Grace Chan’s 24th birthday. Everyone is curious if the birthday girl will spend her birthday with her rumoured boyfriend, Kevin Cheng. Grace’s co-star in Blue Veins <殭>, Anjaylia Chan posted a group photo on the Weibo and remarked, “Happy birthday, our Grace BB.” Besides Anjaylia&...

Alvin Chau instructs his wife and girlfriend to stop fighting

Since both his wife Heidi Chan and girlfriend Mandy Lieu were pregnant at the same time, Alvin Chau had been sandwiched by the two women. The media had also been reporting about the rivalry of the two women and all the dirty linen was washed in public. Alvin reportedly has instructed both Heidi and Mandy to stop their ...

Raymond Lam injures his leg during filming

Raymond Lam was in Hengdian, China filming for a mainland period drama, Six doors <六扇門> for the past few months. During the filming, he accidentally injured his leg and resulted in a crack in his left ankle bone. Before filming an action scene, Raymond had constantly reminded himself to be careful. However, a few...