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Jay Chou is the latest judge at The Voice Of China

The Voice Of China has announced that Jay Chou will be the latest judge in its coming fourth season! Since 2012, the reality talent show had been trying to get Jay on its judging panel. Jay had rejected the invitation back then as he was cautious and would consider again when he was more mature. On [...]

A flash wedding soon for Elva Hsiao?

Questions were raising in the heads of Elva Hsiao’s fans when they saw a post on Instagram. Recently, Elva’s boyfriend Elroy Cheo was thanked by his friend on Instagram for sending flowers to him. In his post, Elroy’s friend wrote, “Thank You@elroxcheo & Wifey.” Eagle-eyed netizens spo...

Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo squash divorce rumours

Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo were rumoured to be heading for a divorce after the couple sniped at each other on their micro-blogs. Media reports also said that due to different background and personalities, the couple had endless quarrels in their marriage. The couple was also said to have different bedroom habits due to...

A baby is on the way for Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu!

Singapore’s MediaCorp couple, Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu are expecting their first baby! XINmsn reported that Joanne is three months pregnant and she is expected to deliver in the second half of 2015. A statement released by MediaCorp has confirmed Joanne’s pregnancy and said that the couple had waited until a ...

Arissa Cheo reportedly initiated a divorce from Vanness Wu

According to Taiwanese media, Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo has requested a divorce from her celebrity husband, Vanness Wu. Arissa and Vanness started dating way back in 2006, and broke off twice during their relationship. In November 2013, the couple registered for their marriage in Singapore and held a wedding cere...

Tony Hung: “Yes, I like Natalie Tong!”

TVB actor, Tony Hung has admitted openly that he is currently pursuing Natalie Tong! 31-year-old Tony has been caught on numerous dates with 33-year-old Natalie, and has recently confessed that he hoped to progress their relationship further. “Yes, I really like her. There are 200, 300 likes! She is a nice girl a...

Jay Chou responds on Hannah Quinlivan’s love letter to Show Luo

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan are currently on their honeymoon, and Hannah also shared some photos on her micro-blog. It seems that the couple were enjoying a soccer match in England recently, and unaffected by the news on Hannah’s love letter to Show Luo. Show was recently accused by Jay’s dance instructor Ice Cream a...

Netizens mock G.E.M. Tang for having “3 seconds memory”

G.E.M. Tang has concentrated her singing career in China in the recent two years. Having been away from Hong Kong for too long, G.E.M. found everything at home to be refreshing even if it was just taking the subway. Recently, she posted a message on her micro-blog, “This is my first time taking the subway [...]