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Barbie Hsu gives birth to baby girl!

Barbie Hsu gave birth to a healthy baby girl this afternoon (24 April), as she and her husband, Wang Xiaofei welcomed their first baby. The 37-year-old actress announced the joyous news to her fans this afternoon on her Weibo. “Have finally given birth! The baby girl is very safe and sound. I am grateful!” ...

Wu Chun shares photos of his cute daughter

The Brunei born Taiwanese idol, Wu Chun made shocking confession last year when he disclosed that he was already married and had a child. He suffered a backlash initially and his career was even at stake, with many fans feeling upset for keeping his marriage a secret. As days go by, many fans have accepted [...]

Yoga Lin caught on dates with Kiki Ting

Kiki Ting was widely rumoured as the third party intervening the relationship of Yoga Lin and G.E.M. Tang. Although Yoga had earlier denied the rumour and stressed that he and Kiki were merely friends. the pair was caught on numerous dates on consecutive seven nights recently. From 14th April, Yoga and Kiki were seen t...

Dee Hsu gropes A-Mei on stage

A-Mei, Sandy Lam, Na Ying and Tanya Chua held a charity concert, Project WAO  at the Taipei Arena on Sunday night. The concert was to raise funds to help young girls who have suffered from abuse. Other guest performers included Jolin Tsai, Dee Hsu, Lin Chi-ling, Faith Young and Matilda Tao. The highlight of the concert...

Lin Chi-ling considers freezing her eggs in future

39-year-old Taiwanese model-actress, Lin Chi-ling was rumoured to undergo oocyte cryopreservation, in which a woman’s eggs are extracted, frozen and stored. Taiwanese media reported that Chi-ling’s mother was worried that Chi-ling might find it hard to conceive in future due to her age. Hence, Chi-ling was said t...

Netizens furious over Leehom Wang’s post

  Many netizens are angry and upset over Leehom Wang’s post on the Weibo. Recently, Leehom uploaded a cheery picture of himself with shades and displaying a victory hand sign on his micro-blog. He captioned the photo, saying, “Taking chinked-out to the whole world. Going to New York for a show tomorrow!R...

Aaron Yan and Tia Li celebrate good drama ratings with fried chicken

Taiwanese idol drama, Fall in Love with Me <愛上兩個我> has broken record ratings after it aired just the second episode and even tops the ratings chart. Yesterday, the cast of Fall In Love with Me celebrate the good ratings by treating themselves to fried chicken. Since the drama is aired, many viewers have given pos...

Donnie Yen as the new James Bond?

Donnie Yen as first Chinese James Bond? The news sounds exciting and whether you are Donnie’s or simply Ip Man’s fans, you will be thrilled at the thought of seeing Donnie passing off as first Chinese 007 agent. Mediamass website has recently headlined that the hollywood producers are keen to cast Donnie as...

Cecilia Cheung hid in closet when she unknowingly became a third party

Cecilia Cheung revealed during a radio interview that she unknowingly became a third party in her first relationship. The Hong Kong actress shared that her ex-boyfriend had pushed her into a closet when his girlfriend came to visit him. “I was studying in Australia at that time. When his girlfriend arrived, he im...

Angelababy’s goddess image tarnished after being caught smoking

Many celebrities, including Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Ziyi, Angelababy attended the post celebratory party of the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards on Sunday night. According to Hong Kong tabloids, Tony looked a little upset during the event after losing the Best Actor award to Nick Cheung. The Grandmaster’s...

Fan claims she spent a night with Jam Hsiao

Taiwanese singer, Jam Hsiao has been hit by a series of woes lately. Recently, Jam was disturbed with threats and was earlier harrassed by an over zealous fan, Yuki, who had bought an unit in the same apartment building which he is living. She even turned up at his home with a pot of soup [...]