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Jacky Wu refuses to reconcile with Jay Chou

Jacky Wu is still angry with his disciple, Jay Chou for not inviting him to his wedding last month. The Taiwanese host expressed his unhappiness and criticised Jay for being ungrateful.  Their common friend, Jeffery Hsu initially had plans to help mend their relationship over a meal. Jeffery said, “I met Kang Kan...

Ethan Ruan curses at netizens for “cheating” comments

Things are not going too well for Ethan Ruan recently, be it his love life or career. Ethan and his girlfriend of 8 years, Tiffany Hsu reportedly have broken off. Just when marriage was said to be on the cards for the couple who have been living together, Tiffany reportedly have moved out from their [...]

Jinny Ng lashes out at netizen for joking on her mother’s accident

Hong Kong singer, Jinny Ng was extremely furious with a joke on her mother’s accident that she scolded profanity online. The mother of the 22-year-old singer-actress was involved in a serious cycling accident yesterday and is still in a serious condition. A netizen left a cheeky remark on Jinny’s Facebook a...

Myolie Wu says boyfriend has not proposed to her

Recent tabloids claimed that Myolie Wu’s boyfriend, Phil Lee had proposed to her thrice. Attending an event recently, Myolie smiled and said she did not even know about her boyfriend’s proposal. “Is that so? I don’t even know. I think everyone is more anxious than I am, but this is a happy thing...

Grace Chan replaces Linda Chung in “Brother’s Keeper 2″

TVB has earlier announced that Ms Hong Kong pageant contestants, Grace Chan, Sisley Choi  and Moon Lau will be groomed to become leading actress. At last week’s Hong Kong International Film and TV Market exhibition, TVB introduces its upcoming dramas and introduces its newcomers. Grace, who is heavily groomed, is...

Raymond Lam wants girlfriend, Karena Ng in ‘Line Walker’ movie

There are lots of buzz about the Line Walker <使徒行者> film ever since TVB announced to film a movie version. The highest rated TVB series last year has received rave reviews by audience when it was aired last year. The souls of the series, Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh are being considered as the first [...]...

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong love to have a Baby No 2

Malaysian-born Singaporean actor, Christopher Lee attended an event in Taipei recently and shared that he had missed his 7 months old son, Zed Lee who was born last August.  Christopher and his wife, Fann Wong have mutual consensus to take care of their son. If one party had to travel for work, the other half will be [...

Elaine Ng issues apology: “I will learn to be a better mother”

Yesterday, Elaine Ng held a press conference and issued an apology, after she was arrested for alleged child abuse. “I have to first say sorry for causing everyone to be so busy recently. The case is currently being handled by a lawyer, and I can’t reveal much. I have to consider my daughter’s feeling...