5566 is making a comeback


5566 will be making a comeback!

Following their recent appearance at Mayday’s concert, many fans have been urging them to reunite and rallied, “5566 cannot perish!”

5566 was formed in 2002 by five members, Tony Sun, Zax Wang, Jason Hsu, Sam Wang and Rio Peng. Their first idol drama, My MVP Valentine <MVP情人> garnered a high viewership ratings than any other idol dramas during that season. 5566 also sang the theme song, I am Sad <我難過> which helped skyrocket them to fame. 5566 was disbanded six years ago for each member to develop their solo career.

5566’s ex-manager Sun De Rong will plan for the comeback, with Rio assisting him. It is understood that 5566 will hold 4 concerts in Taiwan, China and Singapore and all ticket sales will be donated to charities.

On 21 January 2014, Tony posted a group photo of the band to commemorate the band’s 12th year anniversary.


Zax shared that the band members will meet up monthly. Besides gathering, they will discuss about their future work plans.

When exactly can we see 5566 returning on stage again?

“Although there is a stage waiting for us, we cannot just whip out any dish. There is some idea now, but we will only launch it when it is perfect,” said Zax.

Source: Ettoday, Yes Entertainment 

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3 thoughts on “5566 is making a comeback

  1. Genieve Santos

    5566, you grew up maturedly but you never changed
    even after several years of separation.
    You’re still the same group I dolized before.
    Best prayers for your careers and plansand I am excited
    to see you on TV again and on stage if could have a
    Hope you could have a TV drama again together
    similar to My MVP Valentine which is an action genre.

    I would also like to say Hi to Jason Hsu…….You’re getting
    more handsome -_^.

    So guys, welcome back in advance! Hope everything will
    be successful again.

    Break A Leg!!!

    Genieve °_^
    From the Philippines

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