79-year-old Patrick Tse fractures rib in car crash


Hong Kong veteran actor Patrick Tse was involved in a car accident a few days ago.

The 79-year-old actor was on his way to film TVB drama, The Shell Game <賭城群英會> in Shenzhen when a truck suddenly cut the lane. His driver pulled the emergency brake, but still hit the truck, and his car was in turn hit by the vehicles at the back. It resulted in a four-vehicle collision.

Patrick disclosed that the car crash happened on a raining day, and as he did not fasten his seat belt, he fell off from his seat.

As Patrick did not want to delay the filming schedule, he went ahead into the studio and started filming. After shooting a few scenes, his back hurt and he went to a local hospital for an X-ray.

The doctor told him that he was fine, but his rib still hurt. Eventually, he returned to Hong Kong to seek treatment and discovered that his left rib had fractured.

Patrick is now recuperating and positively said about his accident, “It still hurts when I speak. Maybe god wants to warn me and asks me to be careful.”

Asked if his children, Nicholas Tse and Jennifer Tse were worried, Patrick said, “Of course, they are worried. They both visited me. Jennifer even stayed with me till late night.”

Source: Apple Daily

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