A divorce confirmed for Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo

It’s official. A divorce is confirmed for Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo.

Since married for five years, Vanness and Singaporean heiress Arissa’s marriage has often rumoured to be on the rocks.

The latest media confirmed that the couple had officially signed the papers last December, and Arissa had personally confirmed the divorce.

Arissa reportedly did not request for any alimony from the F4 star.

Vanness was said to have sent the first divorce paper to Arissa last year. The contents said that the couple was not living together for more than three years. Arissa reportedly rejected the divorce paper, cited that they only separated in 2016, and their separation had not exceeded three years.

Subsequently, Vanness issued a second divorce paper, citing reason that Arissa did not give full support to his career, and they had no common interests.

According to Arissa’s friend, she gave full support to Vanness during their marriage and she would pay out of her own pocket the airfare to accompany Vanness in his overseas trips. It was subsequently later that Vanness refused to reveal his whereabouts to Arissa.

Arissa also pointed out that her husband was not at home most of the times, and they did not spend any time together even on special occasions. So, it was difficult for them to develop any common interests. Hence, Arissa rejected both divorce papers.

Arissa also revealed to her lawyer that she had all along believed in marriage, but it was Vanness who issued her two divorce papers and left her with no choice. As she felt unhappy in her marriage life, she decided it was best for them to end their marriage.

Her friend disclosed that Vanness was seldom at home, and did not try hard to maintain their marriage. He even lied to the media to maintain his public image.

Responding to the divorce, Vanness’ recording label said, “The marriage was between the two and hope that the public would give them the space.”

Source: Ettoday

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