Alvin Chau has new love interest?


Hong Kong tabloids claimed that Macau gambling tycoon, Alvin Chau has a new love interest, Meko Chiu. Meko reportedly is a model, and media said that she resembled Hong Kong singer, Kay Tse.

Recently, Meko flaunted a photo of her in a private jet on Facebook and wrote, “Private jet wif my luv, Alvin Chau.”

In the photo, Alvin’s back view was seen and he was in a discussion with his assistant. Meko also posted a photo of Alvin, which was believed to be taken before boarding the plane.

According to tabloids, Meko was said to have met Alvin at a night spot. Alvin’s wife, Heidi Chan was in Australia in September, and Mandy was at England with her daughter at that time. Tabloids speculated that Meko could have hooked up with Alvin during that time.

However, Meko deleted Alvin’s photo shortly after. She also changed her post to, “Private jet lol.”

Yesterday, Meko clarified her relationship with Alvin, and said that they were not a couple. She said on Facebook, “I am just accompanying my friend on the trip. This is the first time I know Alvin. He is my idol. Please do not be mistaken.”

During a telephone interview, Meko once again dismissed their relationship and said that she had a boyfriend. “My boyfriend is his VIP guest, so we had the chance to take his private jet.”

Asked why she addressed Alvin as “my luv”, Meko said, “Because I admire him and he is my idol. It’s like I saw a celebrity.”

Meko also said that her boyfriend had reminded her to delete the photos. She declined to post her boyfriend’s picture and said that it was inconvenient.

This morning, Meko once again clarified and issued a statement on her Facebook, stressing that she did not know Alvin beforehand. She also said that she had a boyfriend, and her post “Private jet wif my luv” was a mischef by her friend who had her password. She also apologised for the misunderstanding.

When the reporter called Alvin’s wife, Heidi, she went silent for a few seconds before replying, “I am outside now. I won’t respond.”

Mandy’s manager also declined to respond.

Source: HK Channel

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  1. Hes married and runs around like a single guy. Wife needs to dump this shithead and get rid of him once and for all.. She will find a real man who doesn’t play games.. He has another model pregnant and now he’s looking at someone else.. this guy doesn’t know the word condoms.. and aids runs amuk around people who are promiscuous

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