Alvin Chau sings song to woo back his wife?


Macau tycoon Alvin Chau’s affair with model, Mandy Lieu has prompted his wife, Heidi Chan to initiate a divorce. Mandy was also said to be expecting her second child with Alvin, and is currently in England to await her childbirth.

There seems to be a twist of event last Sunday, when Alvin met Heidi at a friend’s birthday party. According to Hong Kong media, Alvin was trying very hard to woo his wife back that night.

While Heidi was singing a song to the birthday girl, Alvin who was at the other side of the stage, started to walk near her. Friends then rallied for them to be together, and Alvin smiled and said, “We are reunited.”

During a song on stage, Alvin held onto Heidi’s waist. Although Heidi was shocked, she did not push him away. During the song, a drunk Alvin accidentally fell down. Someone shouted to Heidi, “Your husband has fallen down.”

Heidi repeatedly replied, “My friend.”

AlvinChau1Alvin also sang Love Me, Don’t Go <愛我別走> to Heidi, and during the song, he held her from behind. Moved by Alvin, Heidi cried and then turned her head, resting onto Alvin’s shoulder. The couple hugged after the song.

After getting down the stage, Alvin tried to get close to Heidi, but she withdrew herself from him. Alvin then pulled Heidi close to him, and gently planted a kiss on her forehead, followed by a kiss on her lips.

When a reporter asked if she had reconciled with her husband, Heidi declined to respond.


Source: Oriental Daily

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