Alvin Chau’s sister scolds Mandy Lieu on Facebook


Last December, Macau tycoon Alvin Chau publicly held Mandy Lieu’s hands openly, and allowed reporters captured their hand-holding photo. Unable to tolerate her husband’s behaviour anymore, Heidi Chan filed for a divorce to end their marriage. 

After regaining his single status, Alvin has been spending more time on Mandy and her daughter. Recently, the family of three went to Phuket for a holiday.

Hong Kong tabloids earlier said that Alvin’s father had agreed to meet Mandy’s daughter, and Mandy would bring her daughter back to Hong Kong during the lunar new year.

However, reports now said that Alvin would be spending the new year with his father, elder sister and his kids in Tokyo for a holiday. Mandy will return to Hong Kong in March. After divorce with his wife, Alvin would move in with Mandy in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, a source disclosed that Alvin’s elder sister, Candy Chau had written an angry post on her Facebook. Although she did not specify any person in particular, it is quite obvious that she was referring to Mandy.

In her Facebook post, she said, “You XX bitch. You X uttered rubbish about my dad. You X stupid. Whatever you are doing, god will know. You are a X cheap bitch. Do your parents know?”

The source also revealed that Alvin’s family had doted on Heidi, and Mandy would not be easily accepted by Alvin’s family.

Source: HK Channel

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One thought on “Alvin Chau’s sister scolds Mandy Lieu on Facebook

  1. If this news is true, then Mandy is surely having a difficult time being considered a partner for Alvin by the Chau Family. Looks like it will be a much harder task to get herself considered and accepted by the family.

    But then again, with Mandy’s thick skin (tough as an elephant’s), I bet she does not give a heck about it!

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