Andy Lau brings baby Hanna to meet fans for the first time


Andy Lau’s beloved daughter, Hanna has turned three years old.

Since Hanna was born, Andy has been carefully shielding her daughter from public. In April this year, the media managed to snap photos of baby Hanna when Andy’s wife, Carol Chu took her to visit Andy in Beijing.

Last year, Andy promised his fans that he would bring Hanna to meet them when she turned 3. True enough, the heavenly king has kept his promise and brought along his wife and daughter to the 27th anniversary party of his fan club on 6 June.

More than 1,000 fans gathered at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre on that day. Security was very tight on that day, as everyone had to register with their identification card and had their bags checked before entry. No cameras and other recording equipment were allowed and fans could not use their mobile phones inside the venue.

Towards the end of the session, photos of Andy’s family were shown on the screen when he sang My Darling <心肝宝贝>. After inviting his parents on stage to cut the cake, Andy said, “I would like to introduce the other two darlings.”

Fans applauded and screamed, but after a minute, Carol and Hanna did not appear on stage. It turned out that Hanna had stage fright, and Andy had to comfort his daughter and carried her to the stage, while holding his wife’s hand.

Andy said, “I asked her yesterday if daddy had a concert, would you go? She immediately said, ‘Go’. When I asked her if she would sing, she said, ‘Sing’.”

When Andy held the microphone close to Hanna, she was too shy and pushed it away. Little Hanna laid her head on Andy and clung onto him tightly. Andy and Carol eventually managed to get Hanna to look in the direction of camera.

After the taking a family photo, Andy said to his fans, “They have to leave. Let’s not scare the baby!”

After filming Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall <长城>, Andy has plans to stop his work in the second half of the year and accompanies Hanna to adapt to school life.

The couple reportedly has selected a few kindergartens and has gone for interviews together. Andy prefers a traditional school than an international school, and prefers one that has a conducive environment.


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