Angel Chiang and Brian Chu caught dating!


TVB young stars Angel Chiang and Brian Chu have claimed to be only friends although being photographed together numerous times. After being spotted behaving intimately in a car few months ago, Angel and Brian were caught hand in hand on the streets again!

Angel is best known for portraying the younger Charmaine Sheh in the TVB drama, When Heaven Burns <天與地>. The 23-year-old starlet is also being groomed by TV station and stars in the ongoing sitcom Come Home Love <愛·回家>. Rumours have earlier been circling that she is seeing her Come Home Love co-star  Joey Law. However, it turns out that Angel is dating the Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir> young star, Brian.

Two nights ago, Angel and Brian were holding hands and walking to a luggage boutique in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. While Angel was shopping for a luggage, Brian was at her side giving her advice. The couple left the shop after 5 minutes and unluckily bumped into a reporter.

Angel and Brian reportedly were too shocked and immediately bounced off from one another. Asked if they were dating, Angel replied, “We are not! No.. No…”

When asked if the couple was planning for a holiday, Angel replied, “No. It is for work only.”

Brian, on the other hand, was too shocked that he kept his head low and did not make any respond.



Source: Oriental Daily 

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