Angus Guo proposes to girlfriend

AngusAngus Guo from 2moro boyband has successfully proposed to his girlfriend, Ting Ting!

The host of the TVBS variety show, Super Taste <食尚玩家>, sprung a surprise on his girlfriend outside the Taoyuan International Airport before leaving to Tokyo for work. The 31-year-old said that he was touched by Ting Ting’s action that he made an impromptu proposal.

Ting Ting was driving Angus to the airport and he realised that he did not have his passport with him. Ting Ting then immediately dashed back to Taipei to pick up his passport. Although there was a heavy traffic that day, Ting Ting was worried that Angus could not make it for his flight and sped on the road.

Feeling touched, Angus decided to propose to Ting Ting on the spot even if he did not make it for his flight.

Angus has prepared a NT$200,000 diamond ring for Ting Ting and the couple is expected to get married next year. Being a non-believer of marriage, why did Angus change his mind?

“It’s like seeing a piece of mirror. I realise what I really want after seeing her,” said Angus.

He also added that his over a year girlfriend was attentive and understanding towards his work.

Angus had a colourful love life before Ting Ting. He dated beauty pageant queen, Chen Zhenjun, in 2009 in which the latter accused him of two-timing her during their relationship. Angus later clarified that the couple broke up due to a clash of personalities and said, “I will still love her no matter what she did.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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