Anthony Neely on sending flirty messages again: “Everyone has different interpretations”


Photo(Right): Anthony photographed with his wife and daughter recently.

Just last October, American Mandopop singer Anthony Neely was caught sending a series of flirty messages with a woman. The woman’s boyfriend was said to get angry after seeing the text messages and blasted Anthony on the Facebook.

Anthony had to apologise to the boyfriend and responded, “I am a douche. Sorry if I caused you trouble.”

Barely two months, Anthony reportedly was caught sending flirty messages to another woman. A source revealed that Anthony had been sending text messages such as “I can’t sleep”, “I miss you”, “I want to see you, do you want to meet?” to an air stewardess, Ms V in the middle of the night.

The source, who claimed that she was a friend of Ms V, could not stand the fact that the married Anthony had been trying to date Ms V openly. Anthony reportedly got to know Ms V since last October and has been dating her very frequently these two months.

When a reporter called Anthony for clarification, he said that he had heard of Ms V’s name. Asked if the contents were flirtatious, Anthony said, “Everyone has different interpretations.”

Anthony also refused to respond on his relationship status with Ms V, but emphasized that his marriage with his wife was very stable.

“90% of my time is dedicated to my family,” said Anthony.

Last year, Anthony made shocking confession that he was secretly married for four years and had a three-year-old daughter. 

Source: Apple Daily 

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