Ariel Lin summoned to court for owing room taxes in UK


Taiwanese actress, Ariel Lin went to UK to further her studies last year. As her school term started in October, Ariel travelled a month earlier.

However, she is not aware that she has to pay tax for renting a room, and is being summoned to court in UK.

Ariel said, “The laws there are very strict, but as long as the taxes are paid beforehand, I don’t think that any legal action will be taken.”

After paying the taxes of NT$60,000, Ariel even retained the summon ticket for memory. She laughed and said, “It a memorable keepsake!”

Due to her petite figure, Ariel is often mistaken by her classmates as a girl below 21 years old. To prevent any unnecessary pursuers, she often dresses as a boy and wears loose clothing and boots.

Feeling proud of her transformed tomboyish look, Ariel said, “Even handsome men who walk pass me will not take a glance at me!”

Source: Nownews 

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One thought on “Ariel Lin summoned to court for owing room taxes in UK

  1. suddenly, i remember her drama series Love Contract. It’s nice to know that she gives importance to learning/ education.

    I think studying English language will also help her to tap Hollywood.

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