Barbie Hsu denies falling out with husband over money

Recently, Taiwanese media reported that Wang Xiaofei and Barbie Hsu had a big fight over S Hotel’s performance. Barbie was also said to have initiated a divorce. Barbie’s mother reportedly intervened and requested for the couple to have separate finances.

After the reports surfaced, Barbie dismissed the divorce rumours. She said, “We have a stable marriage currently, and our marriage is not on the rocks. I will not quarrel with anyone over money issues. If there is anger, it is because Xiaofei had returned home with a loud speaking voice. I am scared that he would wake the kids up.”

Barbie’s mother also responded that since marriage, Barbie and Xiaofei have been managing their finances independently. The couple usually quarrelled due to alcohol.

She said, “When he drinks, his voice will be quite loud.”

Barbie’s mother added, “Barbie and Xiaofei will not get a divorce. It’s common for couple to quarrel occasionally. Managing a marriage from different places is never easy.”

According to Barbie’s mother, Barbie and Xiaofei often have different views on their choice of schools for their kids. While the kids are studying in Taipei, Xiaofei and his mother hope that the kids will enrol in a school in China.

“The two kids are studying in Taipei currently, and are very stable. We can take care of the kids easier,” said Barbie’s mother

Xiaofei also dispelled the divorce rumours yesterday by posting a photo of the family wrapping dumplings together. He also stressed that there was no financial problem with S Hotel.

Source: Apple Daily

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