Barbie Hsu hinting at pregnancy?


Barbie Hsu was recently rumoured to be pregnant. Although she dismissed the news on her Weibo, her pregnancy rumours continued to circle around.

Recently, she was spotted shopping with her husband with a baggy and loose outfit. When asked by reporters if she was pregnant, she replied, “I will announce myself if there is any big news!”

Days ago, Barbie left a suspicious message on her Weibo and appeared to be hinting at a change of identity. In her early days, Barbie was in a duo group called S.O.S. with her sister, Dee Hsu and had launched an album Abnormal Girl <變態少女>.

In her Weibo recently, Barbie wrote, “I still miss the ‘violent aesthetics’. Are you able to accept that the Abnormal Girl have turned into the Abnormal Woman?”

Many fans responded and some wrote, “Please do not get too fascinated into it when you have transformed into a mother”.

Source: Ettoday

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