Barbie Hsu shares cute baby photos


Barbie Hsu gave birth to a baby girl via cesarean section on 24 April afternoon. Her baby is healthy and weighs more than 3,000 grams.

Barbie shared the joyous news with her fans via her Weibo and uploaded a picture of her baby’s footprints photos yesterday. 

This morning, she shared a family portrait with her newborn and more photos of her cute baby. She wrote in her Weibo, “Sharing a little happiness with everyone.”

Barbie and her husband, Wang Xiaofei have yet to name their baby, but have nicknamed her, “Long-legged girl.”

Xiaofei also thanked his wife on his Weibo. He wrote, “It was a tough year for my wife. I thank everyone for your concern. My beloved wife and baby are both safe and sound. Thank you!”

Dee Hsu said that the baby resembled her sister. She also shared her thoughts about Barbie’s pregnancy on Weibo, “My sister experienced all the discomforts of pregnancy. After seeing that she has given birth to a healthy baby, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I just want to tell her, my dear sister you had a tough time. Your little sister will support you forever!”



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  1. and i wiss to your baby always healthyyy and you have a little shan chai hahahaha god bless you i always your number one fans :))))))) and iwish see you on philippines labyu so much

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