Big Bang Seungri announces to quit showbiz after he was named as a suspect in sex probe

Big Bang singer, Seungri has shockingly announced to quit showbiz after he was named as a suspect in sex probe.

On March 11, he posted on his Instagram, “For the past one and a half months, I am condemned and hated by the public, and every investigative agency is investigating me, and I have become a public enemy. Because of me, the people around me are hurt.”

“For the sake of Big Bang and YG, I can only walk this far.”

Seungri was earlier questioned by the police over allegations of drug use and prostitution at the nightclub he operated, Burning Sun. Yesterday, he was officially booked by the police as a suspect for providing prostitution to foreign investors in Burning Sun.

According to Korean media, there were records of Kakao talk messages in which he allegedly instructed an employee to arrange prostitutes for foreign investors. When YG denied that the news was fake, the Korean police meanwhile confirmed that there was evidence of the talk messages.

Media reports said that in the group chat, Seungri and other two male artistes were allegedly sharing secret recordings of female photos and sex videos. Most of the videos were taken when the females were drunk, and they even shared sex videos.

Seungri will be enlisted in the military service on March 25. The police said that even if he enlisted in the military service, he would still be undergoing investigation.

Source:, Apple Daily

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