Blackie Chen defends Christine Fan: “She has never scolded Angela Chang”


Recently, Christine Fan and Blackie Chen discussed the topic of rivalry between sisters on the variety programme, Kangxi Lai Le <康熙來了>. Their discussion has unexpectedly resulted in a war of words between Christine’s fans and Angela Chang’s fans.

Netizens have also dug up the feud of Christine and Angela five years ago, and news title “Christine Fan scolded Angela Chang” has become a hot talking point on the Internet.

Christine and Angela were good friends when they were under the same recording label Linfair Records. The duo even sang a duet once, If things <如果的事> and performed on numerous shows together.

However, the good friends were rumoured to have fallen out after vying for resources in the company. Christine was said to have mocked Angela for not completing her university, and Christine’s assistant was also said to have rallied the fans to quarrel with Angela’s fans.

Christine also did not invite Angela to her wedding four years ago, fueling speculations that the good friends have indeed fallen out.


Recently, Christine shared on Kangxi Lai Le that she had to wear a wig as she had severe hair loss during her pregnancy. Angela’s fans then criticised Christine for pretending to be weak. This sparked an online spat between fans from both camps.

Blackie has defended his wife on the Weibo, and said, “I can laugh it off, but there are some fabricated stories to smear Christine! I cannot accept it. I hope that there will be more positive energy in the society.”

Subsequently, a netizen commented, “She did scold Angela Chang!”

Blackie replied. “She has never scolded her. I sincerely explain to you!”

Yesterday, Angela posted on her Weibo, which was suspected to be commenting on this issue. She said, “Facing the unbearable in life, I cried before, and I did not know what to do. However, how can we resolve it?”

Source: Apple Daily

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