Blackie Chen kissed a sexy woman in nightclub?

Last Saturday, Taiwanese host Blackie Chen (陳建州/黑人) travelled to Hong Kong for a basketball charity competition. Without his wife, Christine Fan (范瑋琪) by his side, Blackie and his team mates reportedly headed to Central nightclub for a wild party after the competition.

At around midnight, Blackie and his friends walked into a nightclub in Lan Kwai Fong. Blackie immediately attracted 7-8 women in their early 20s and all were vying to sit besides him. To host the women, Blackie and his friends requested for a bigger table. One sexily dressed woman managed to catch the eye of Blackie and engaged in a merry conversation with him.

Blackie flirted with sexy woman

Under the influence of alcohol and upbeat music, Blackie and the woman started to hold hands and whispered into each other’s ears. Totally oblivious of the surroundings, Blackie and the woman allegedly started to get more intimate. The slim sexy woman gave a peck on Blackie’s cheek and Blackie also returned with a kiss on her cheek.

Blackie was later spotted copying the contact number of the woman in his phone. When Blackie suddenly spotted a reporter, his expressions changed and became panicky. He asked for the bill immediately and cast away the sexy woman.

Blackie denies flirting with woman

Shrugging off his flirtatious behaviour with the woman in the nightclub, Blackie said, “I just greeted the person whom I met there, I do not know that girl at all!”

When asked about him taking down the contact from the woman, Blackie defended himself and said, “That was just the bill!”

Blackie also said that he would always inform his whereabouts to his wife. As he and Christine have mutual understanding, the scandalous news did not affect their relationship at all.

“When FanFan saw the news, she also found it amusing,” said Blackie.

Source: oriental daily, ettoday


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