Bosco Wong dates Bella Lam for two years?


Hong Kong tabloids reported that Bosco Wong had been secretly dating 20-year-old starlet, Bella Lam for two years.

Recently, Bella reportedly bragged that she was Bosco’s girlfriend and even gave herself a nickname, “Bo Bo B”. During a magazine interview last month, Bella even said, “My nickname is Bo Bo B because I like playing ball games.”

Bosco and Bella first hooked up while filming Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> in 2011. An inside source revealed that Bella would take initiative to get close to Bosco although she did not share any scenes with him. Playing an undercover trainee under Michael Tse in the series, Bella would stay behind to learn from Michael on the pretext of getting closer to Bosco.

After Bosco and Bella started dating, the pair reportedly was very cautious. Myolie had started to find something amiss about her boyfriend, but did not feel that lead actress, Kate Tsui was the cause of his strange behaviour. When Myolie got wind of Bosco’s relationship with Bella, she returned to Hong Kong after finishing her filming in China and announced the breakup.

When asked if she was dating Bosco, Bella was shocked and replied, “How did you know? It’s not… no.. no..”

She then said that she was not familiar with Bosco, but they had went out for meals together with colleagues.

Asked if Bosco had requested her to delete her Instagram to lay low, Bella replied, “No.. I just want to concentrate on maintaining my Weibo account. I think I should not respond further.”

On the other hand, Bosco dismissed the rumours with Bella and expressed that they did not keep in contact at all.

He exclaimed, “I didn’t even know what was going on!”


Source: Oriental Sunday Vol. 807, Oriental Daily 

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