Boyfriend breaks up with Elaine Yiu after being pressurized to get married


Hong Kong tabloids claimed that Elaine Yiu’s boyfriend was so put off by her numerous requests to get married that he finally called it quits with her.

33-year-old Elaine was dating banker cum nightclub owner, Patrick Cheong. In order to spend more time with her boyfriend, Elaine even reduced her workload and filmed less dramas. Knowing that many women were attracted to her rich boyfriend, Elaine had been pressing Patrick to tie the knot with her.

When her relationship was exposed by the media last year, the TVB actress had then said that she wanted to get married soon, and she had met her boyfriend’s parents. At the lunar new year last year, Elaine said to her friends that she would distribute a different red packet next year, hinting a possibility of a wedding soon.

Just when all her friends thought that wedding bells would be ringing soon, Elaine and her boyfriend broke up in March this year. Her boyfriend was said to be so put off by her constant pressure to get married that he decided to end their relationship.

Elaine tried to salvage the relationship by sending text messages to him continuously after their breakup. Only when she realised that he had a new love, she then decided to let go of the relationship.

After the breakup, Elaine has been pouring her sorrows on her Instagram. Two months ago, she wrote, “If we try to change our other half, that is not life and it’s not happiness. It’s a terrible war.”

With the support of friends, Elaine has recently walked out from her heartbreaking relationship. Last week, she wrote a positive message on her Instagram, “There will be challenges and difficulties in life. We have to face them bravely. Since it’s an arrangement from god, it only shows that you are a capable person who will progress in time.”

When a reporter verified her breakup through Whatsapp, Elaine admitted it graciously, but said that their breakup was only due to incompatible personalities.

Source: HK Channel 

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