Calvin Chen and Chrissie Chau are dating?



In recent years, Fahrenheit’s Calvin Chen has successfully developed his side businesses such as a bakery shop, a hair salon and fashion store. With his successful career, Calvin’s love life has also drawn attention from his fans.

Six years ago, Calvin was rumoured to be dating Joanne Tseng after several collaborations. Last year, he was rumoured to be dating the variety programme University’s <大學生了沒> Cherry Yu.

Recently, Hong Kong media reported that Calvin is currently dating Hong Kong actress, Chrissie Chau.

Calvin and Chrissie were photographed in a villa at the beach of the Hainan Island. The pair was photographed to be chatting happily and smiling sweetly. Calvin was also seen putting his hand around Chrissie’s shoulders, and the pair was said to be behaving very intimately.

When the rumours surfaced, Chrissie immediately clarified that the photos were just snapshots of their new web drama Beauty Apartment <美女公寓>. Chrissie also said that she had worked once with Fahrenheit’s Jiro Wang, but it was her first collaboration with Calvin. She praised Calvin for his professionalism and his friendliness.

Asked if she would date Calvin, Chrissie said that they just got to know each other recently and they were only filming.

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Source: Ettoday

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