Calvin Chen hurt by Aaron Yan’s “no longer friends” statement


Jiro Wang was said to be angry after learning about Aaron Yan’s “no longer friends” statement. Another group member, Calvin Chen disclosed that he was “hurt” by Aaron’s words, and repeatedly asked the reporter, “Did he really say that we are no longer friends?”

Calvin recalled the group’s days in Fahrenheit, “We only had one another during those days and knew exactly the ups and downs everyone had been through. The results we had was an effort by all four of us.”

Calvin described his friendship with Jiro, Wu Chun and Aaron as an “emotional revolution”. “In my heart, they are different from my usual friends. I admit we may not be the best friends, but we are definitely the best partners.”

Aaron earlier said that he “can’t act anymore” being friends with Jiro and Calvin. Responding to that, Calvin said, “We hugged and kissed each other. Don’t tell me those are acted out?”

“Maybe Fahrenheit has split up for a while and I admit we had less contact these 2 to 3 years. Perhaps that’s why he [referring to Aaron] has forgotten some happy moments, but I believe deep down, he knows those 5 to 6 years are for real. How were we able to act all that out?”

Calvin also denied that Aaron was being “ostracised” by the group. He said, “We were working every day. Why would we have time for such silly thing?”

However, Calvin did admit that the three group members had different topics to chat with Aaron, as he is 5 years younger than them.

Asked if he would find an opportunity to explain to Aaron, Calvin shook his head, “I believe he will read what is being said today.”

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8 thoughts on “Calvin Chen hurt by Aaron Yan’s “no longer friends” statement

  1. I am a fan of Fahrenheit and I absolutely love the 4 of them. I am so shocked by this news. I thought they’re just on a hiatus because of being busy acting. But I can’t believe that Aaron, Jiro, and Calvin weren’t in good terms. They we’re best buddies back then… so why this happened?

  2. you. . . every action thre always a reason. . . .i know aaron has a very gud reason . .to say those words. . . .aaron i belive in you. . .iam your fan since then . . .iam from philiphines. . . .cheer up. . .

  3. Joice maissa Fernandez

    Am Arron yan fan but I’m disappointed to him. He just a immuture . Bec of his bandmate want change their image he just get mad at them. It not a good reason.bec. He mad,he just throw their good memories and their friendship

    • Will you be happy if your teammate of 6 years decided enough is enough and lets go our separate way?

      Calvin said it all and I quote “We only had one another during those days and knew exactly the ups and down everyone had been through. I admit we may not be the best friends, but we are definitely the best partners.”

      He said the ‘best partners’ unless the writer of this article translated it wrong. So, what’s the fuss when Aaron said “no longer friends”? They are not friends. As Calvin said it, they are partners.

      So for those butthurt people, grow up first before telling anyone else to be mature. And for God sake, try to put yourself in other people shoes before making any judgement.

      Aaron, I’m not your huge fan, but I respected your honesty and bravery. It’s better to have few friends than lots of partners.

      • haha, i love your statements there. having a few better friends is better than partners because you will never know if it will last long forever or not. it’s a come n’ go thing, which is sad.

      • True i agree what you said, there might be also alot more things going on that Aaron may not have wanted to say also its not like he revealed their deepest darkest secret, whats wrong by saying we no longer friends is kinda like Kris and his EXO members he doesnt keep in touch with them at all. Aaron Moved on in His life.

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