Sharon Chan gives birth to a boy!

Earlier, Sharon Chan announced that she would give birth via Cesarean section in mid December. Yesterday, there was news that the 37-year-old TVB actress had given birth to a boy! Sharon also shared the happy news on her social media, “Hello uncles and aunties, I have arrived! I weigh 7 pounds and 11 ounces, and ...

Ruco Chan has proposed to Nancy Wu after dating for 3 months?

According to Hong Kong tabloids, Ruco Chan has secretly proposed to Nancy Wu after dating for 3 months. The rumoured couple was first spotted watching Sammi Cheng’s concert together. After that, they were photographed eating dessert in a car.  Currently filming The Unholy Alliance <同盟> together, Ruco report...

Kenji Wu loses 60% of hearing in left ear

According to media reports, Taiwanese singer-songwriter Kenji Wu has lost 60% of hearing in his left ear, causing many fans to worry about his situation. For the past six months, Kenji had been busy with his self-directed movie and composing new songs for his album. He was also busy with the shop opening of his [&helli...

Jerry Yan rumoured to have undergone surgery for knee injury

Jerry Yan did not have any public appearances lately, and fans have been concerned about his situation. Yesterday, Taiwanese media reported that Jerry was admitted into a hospital to undergo a surgery for his knee injury. According to Apple Daily, Jerry was admitted into the VIP ward in Postal Hospital, Taipei yesterda...

A-Mei’s longest relationship: Dates bartender boyfriend for 5 years

A-Mei has had her fair share of romances. She used to date her former manager Brian Chow and basketball player Sam Ho, all lasting for 3 years. The 44-year-old Taiwanese pop singer is in a stable relationship with her bartender boyfriend, Sam and have been dating for 5 years. This is also A-Mei’s longest relation...

Elva Hsiao spotted bringing new beau home

Elva Hsiao reportedly has a new beau again. The 37-year-old was recently said to be dating a golfer Michael, 13 years junior than her. A few days ago, Elva and her new boyfriend were spotted leaving a spa outlet together, before returning to Elva’s apartment in a car. Always dressing fashionably, Elva actually dr...

Sisley Choi breaks up with boyfriend?

Although Sisley Choi has never admitted her relationship with dance director Shing Mak, the duo was often see together on dates. A few days ago, Shing Mak suddenly posted a image which read, “Never let somebody waste your time, twice”. He also remarked on the image, “To forgive is because of love. To ...

Grace Chan denies breakup with Kevin Cheng

Hong Kong media claimed that Grace Chan had broken up with Kevin Cheng, and even hooked up with a Singaporean stylist, Martin. Grace just returned to Hong Kong from Singapore, and she was said to have met up with her new love interest, Martin. Martin has also uploaded several photos with Grace on his Instagram. [&helli...

Linda Chung brings daughter to meet up with friends

Recently, Linda Chung flew back to Hong Kong for work and brought her baby girl, Kelly along. During her stay in Hong Kong, she also took chance to meet up with her close friends and let them meet up with baby Kelly. Tavia Yeung posted a photo of herself with Linda and daughter. She said, […]