Sisley Choi breaks up with boyfriend?

Although Sisley Choi has never admitted her relationship with dance director Shing Mak, the duo was often see together on dates. A few days ago, Shing Mak suddenly posted a image which read, “Never let somebody waste your time, twice”. He also remarked on the image, “To forgive is because of love. To ...

Grace Chan denies breakup with Kevin Cheng

Hong Kong media claimed that Grace Chan had broken up with Kevin Cheng, and even hooked up with a Singaporean stylist, Martin. Grace just returned to Hong Kong from Singapore, and she was said to have met up with her new love interest, Martin. Martin has also uploaded several photos with Grace on his Instagram. [&helli...

Linda Chung brings daughter to meet up with friends

Recently, Linda Chung flew back to Hong Kong for work and brought her baby girl, Kelly along. During her stay in Hong Kong, she also took chance to meet up with her close friends and let them meet up with baby Kelly. Tavia Yeung posted a photo of herself with Linda and daughter. She said, […]

Bowie Tsang hit by drunk motorcyclist

Yesterday, Bowie Tsang was at her house nearby when she was hit by a motorcycle. The 43-year-old was accompanying her mother, Bao Ma for a body checkup. When the pedestrian light turned green, Bowie crossed the road and a motorcycle suddenly dashed towards her. She fell on the road and screamed with pain. She was event...

Ariel Lin denies being pregnant

Ariel Lin has married her businessman husband Lin Yuchao for two years, and was often asked about her baby plans. Yesterday, the 34-year-old wore a loose dress at a public event, and was spotted touching her tummy from time to time. Reporters could not help but asked if she was pregnant. Ariel laughed and said, “...

Tien Hsin asks her husband if he is gay on their first date

Taiwanese actress Tien Hsin shocked the world when she suddenly announced her marriage with Korean photographer, Kim Yeong Min. Yesterday, Tien Hsin made her first public appearance after she got married. The newly-wed beamed with joy when she talked about her husband. She shared that she had thought of marrying her hu...

Bosco Wong leaving TVB; Japanese girlfriend has met his mum

Bosco Wong’s villain role in Two Steps from Heaven <幕後玩家> has received rave reviews from viewers. Unlike his previous role, Bosco plays an unscrupulous public relations executive who will do anything to get his way to the top. At the upcoming TVB anniversary awards, Bosco is nominated in the Best Actor cate...

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang’s first photo together after breakup

Alex Fong and Stephy Tang announced breakup in March this year, ending their 10 years’ relationship. When addressing their breakup at that time, the ex-couple both ended up breaking down in tears. Recently, Alex and Stephy attended the same event together. Stephy appeared to be quite awkward initially and avoided...

49-year-old William So is going to be a dad

49-year-old Hong Kong actor-singer, William So has announced his wife’s pregnancy! William’s wife Anita Fung, 40, is currently 6 months’ pregnant with a boy. William and the fashion executive, tied the knot in December 2014. During an interview, William said that his two brothers did not have any kids...