Raymond Lam threatens to break up with Karena Ng

Paparazzi recently tailed Karena Ng and claimed that she had spent a night at a male friend’s apartment. Raymond Lam reportedly was so furious upon hearing it that he threatened her with a breakup! Since declaring their romance, Raymond has been open about professing his love for his young girlfriend and showerin...

It’s over for Joel Chan and Florinda Ho

Joel Chan and Florinda Ho is over. Earlier, the couple’s relationship is speculated to run into problems after Florinda posted a message on her Instagram, “Love = Money”. In order to salvage their relationship, Joel flew to London and tried to win Florinda’s heart again. The couple is later repo...

Christine Ng graciously admits unglamorous past

Negative reports will usually follow after a celebrity’s movie or drama is aired. Recently, tabloids reported that Beauty at War <金枝欲孽2> star, Christine Ng dated a married man and smoked marijuana in her younger days. At the age of 21, Christine married her first husband Yung Kwong Pui, who was 30 years old...

Moses Chan lavishes girlfriend with HK$33.68 million villa!

Wedding bells may be ringing soon for Moses Chan and Aimee Chan! Next Magazine reported that Moses had recently bought a Beverly Hills detached villa which costs HK$33.68 million. The Beverly Hills is an upscale, private gated community in Tai Po, New Territories in Hong Kong. Each unit faces a breathtaking sea view, w...

Edison Chen hurls vulgarities at TV host

A TV host has accidentally stepped on the toes of Edison Chen! During an interview with Cable TV Hong Kong, TV host Ray Chung asked Edison, “As your fashion label is linked to your popularity, what will you do if your popularity drops and affects your fashion label?” Edison could have thought that the TV [&...

Yoga Lin in New York with G.E.M. Tang?

The romance of Yoga Lin and G.E.M. Tang first surfaced in 2010 when they were caught on a date together. Since then, the couple was rumoured to have broken off and reconciled several times. Recently, Yoga openly praised G.E.M. for being “the most brightest star in the sky” on Weibo after watching her perfor...

Lynn Hung treats ‘love wound’ in Singapore

                      While attending the Singapore Star Awards 2013 over the weekend, Lynn Hung managed to take some time off to walk around the garden city. Lynn was spotted on a shopping spree at the branded boutiques in Singapore. A netizen also uploaded a pict...

Christine Kuo’s net worth increases after rumours with Aaron Kwok

Rumours with Aaron Kwok certainly has helped boosting Christine Kuo’s popularity. The TVB starlet was recently rumoured to be the third party in the relationship of Aaron and Lynn Hung. Although Christine has dismissed the romantic rumours with the heavenly king, more endorsers are still knocking on her door and ...

Tavia Yeung says Him Law is trustworthy

Recently, tabloids claimed that Tavia Yeung had been keeping tabs on Him Law on the film set of The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II> as he was rumoured to be hooking up secretly with Eliza Sam. Dispelling all rumours, Tavia said of her boyfriend, “He is someone whom I can trust very much!” Yesterd...

Tavia Yeung keeps tabs on Him Law

Tabloids claimed that Tavia Yeung got wind of Him Law and Eliza Sam’s intimate behaviour on the film set that prompted her to keep an eye on her boyfriend! While filming The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時>, Him and Eliza’s close behaviour was widely talked about by the production crew. The onscreen...

Raymond Lam splurges on a ‘love nest’ for Karena Ng

Since dating 19-year-old Karena Ng, Raymond Lam has no qualms about flaunting his affections for her openly. Recently, he even professed his love for her at a recording of TVB program Jade Solid Gold and said, “I really, really, really, really, really, really, really love BB (Karen’s pet name)!” It seems th...

Charmaine Sheh on a date with Ekin Cheng lookalike

Charmaine Sheh was said to have gone for a matchmaking session recently! Since breaking up with Kevin Cheng in 2009, Charmaine had a string of romantic rumours but none actually blossomed into real relationships. Turning 38 next month, Charmaine initially was against the idea of a matchmaking session. However, after se...

Louis Koo on baby plans: “It should not take that long”

Two nights ago, Louis Koo attended a Chivas party and the organiser also invited some of his classmates to the party. Louis was happy to be able to have a reunion with his classmates whom he has known for over thirty years. Louis said, “I have not seen them for half a year as I […]

Wallace Chung already married with kid?

Rumours are rife that Wallace Chung is married and already has a child. The 38-year-old Hong Kong actor and singer has always been keeping a low profile on his romance. However, rumour has it that Wallace has married his Taiwanese girlfriend, who used to be his fan and the couple allegedly has a child. His […]

Vivien’s family car robbed in Malaysia

“Is there any justice,” cried Vivien Yeo. Vivien recently filmed a new TVB drama, Outbound Love <單戀雙城> in Malaysia. The Malaysian born actress was initially looking forward to the reunion with her family, but her mood was dampened by a robbery instead. Her mother, sister and baby nephew were out shopp...