Laurinda Ho meets Kenji Wu at Israel?

It seems that flames is burning strong for Laurinda Ho and Kenji Wu! Kenji’s romance with Stanley Ho’s daughter was exposed after the couple was caught vacationing at Maldives. While Kenji was filming in Hong Kong, Laurinda also visited him at the film set and the couple reportedly stayed at the same hotel....

Joel Chan proposes to Florinda Ho upon patching up

Joel Chan has allegedly patched things back with Florinda Ho and took the chance to propose to her. The couple’s relationship was speculated to be estranged after Florinda posted a message on her micro-blog, “Love=Money”. The couple is said to have fallen out over their joint fashion business and Flor...

Anthony Wong blasts reality diving shows

Recently, China’s reality diving programmes, Celebrity Splash! <中國星跳躍> and Stars in Danger: High Diving caused a stir when celebrities were invited to participate in the competition. Celebrities who participate will get a crash course from the diving professionals before taking the plunge from the diving bo...

Yoyo Mung trying to conceive?

Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung tied the knot at the beginning of this year. Although the couple is officially married, both have expressed that they would rather enjoy time together than having children. While Ekin said that he was not ready to have any children due to his fun loving character, Yoyo expressed that pregnancy ...

TVB lures Charmaine Sheh to return

Charmaine Sheh ended her 14 years relationship with TVB two years ago so as to focus her acting career in China. Now that her 2-year contract with Chuang Yi Entertainment group is coming to an end soon, she is highly sought over by TVB, Now TV, HKTV and EEG Ltd. Charmaine’s former TV station has […]

Joel Chan owes ex-wife 18 months of alimony

TVB ex-actor, Joel Chan reportedly chalked out massive credit card debts and was driven out of the house by his girlfriend, Florinda Ho. The daughter of Macau’s casino king, Stanley Ho was said to have broken up with Joel because of his enormous debts. Joel allegedly has financial difficulty and has owed his ex-w...

Lynn Hung admits breakup with Aaron Kwok

While everyone was waiting for the wedding news of Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung, the couple’s breakup news suddenly came about. Last year, the couple went for their ‘pre-honeymoon trip’ to Maldives in which Aaron was speculated to have proposed to Lynn. Earlier this year, Aaron was widely seen as her fami...

Christine Kuo in tears: “I am not the third party!”

When breakup news of Lynn Hung and Aaron Kwok surfaced, fingers were pointing at Christine Kuo for coming in between their 7-year relationship. Christine was rumoured with the heavenly king after collaborating in a commercial together. Tabloids also claimed that Lynn was upset with Aaron after the latter failed to clar...

Eric Tsang apologises for wild party at Disneyland

It was widely reported yesterday that Eric Tsang had turned the Disneyland into an adult paradise. At his 60th birthday bash on 14 April 2013, Eric invited his celebrities friends and held a wild party at the Disneyland. He led this guests on stage and sprouted a string of profanities during a Karaoke session. Many [&h...

Is it over for Aaron and Lynn?

Is it over between Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung? Recently, Lynn hinted her separation with the heavenly king when she posted a photo on her Weibo with a ring on her pinky finger. She wrote, “A new gift for myself, to wish myself the best and a brand new journey…” As a ring on a […]

Celebrities turn wild at Eric Tsang’s birthday bash

After holding a birthday party not long ago, Eric Tsang held another extravagant bash on his actual birthday, 14 April 2013 at the Hong Kong Disneyland. Eric’s good friends such as Jacky Cheung, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Kenny Bee, Chingmy Yau, Michael Miu attended the party. Veteran actress, Connie Chan Po-chu also cam...

Andy Hui openly praises Sammi Cheng’s beauty

Andy Hui certainly knows how to make a woman’s day. Recently, he threw in his magic words of consolation after Sammi Cheng lost the Best Actress award at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Posting a message on his Weibo to Sammi, Andy wrote, “Your beauty certainly stole the limelight tonight!” Responding to h...

Aimee Chan allegedly was molested by extras

Aimee Chan allegedly was molested by extras while filming for Outbound Love <單戀雙城> in Malaysia. Tabloids reported that while filming for a sexually harassment scene, some extras had deliberately took advantage of Aimee and stroked her back, hugged her and even touched her breasts. Although the TVB actress was ext...

Joel Chan tries to reconcile with Florinda Ho

Joel Chan reportedly is trying to salvage his relationship Florinda Ho. Two days ago, Joel was said to have flown off to London to try to win Florinda back. The couple was earlier rumoured to have broken up due to monetary disputes. Joel allegedly chalked up massive credit card debts and had to borrow money […]

Raymond Lam sacrifices career for love?

Since declaring his relationship with Karena Ng, Raymond Lam has been flaunting his love publicly. He was spotted vacationing with Karena several times and unlike his past romances, he has no qualms about responding anything related on his girlfriend. Tabloids claimed that Raymond had placed love over his career. He re...