Jimmy Lin to hold wedding this year; son to be page boy

Jimmy Lin will hold a wedding banquet for his wife this year. What’s special for the couple is that their lovely son will be the page boy at their wedding ceremony. Jimmy and his Taiwanese model then, Kelly Chen registered for marriage in 2010, five months after the birth of their son. Jimmy has expressed [&helli...

Show Luo’s co-star is a dead fish

A few days ago, Show Luo was filming for a WeChat advertisement at the Keelung Harbour, Taiwan. In the advertisement, he was transformed into a hero to complete a rescue mission. Interestingly, Show had a new partner. He was filming with a 120 cm long and 30 kg heavy dead fish in a car! When asked […]

Chen Han-dian caught checking in motel with girlfriend!

As fame caught up with Chen Han-dian, paparazzi also caught up with him! Since becoming a movie star, the 29-year-old Taiwanese comedian is becoming more popular. Recently, he was caught by paparazzi dating a long-hair woman after attending an event. While driving along the the Neihu District, Taipei, Han-dian reported...

A-Mei mocked again for rounder figure

Since last year, A-Mei’s dramatic weight gain has been a hot talking point. Standing at 158 cm tall, A-Mei used to weigh at 48 kg. However, her day and night have reversed since managing her night clubs in the wee hours. Her metabolism has also slowed down at the age of 40 and all these […]

Selina on fire video: “I have survived all tribulations”

On 23 May 2013, Hunan TV released the fire accident video which occurred during the filming of Love in Spring <愛在春天> (formerly known as I Have a Date with Spring 我和春天有個約會), as a publicity tactic for the drama. In that video, Selina’s terrified scream was heard when the explosive accident took place in 2010 ...

Michelle Chen dedicates new song to drug peddler ex-boyfriend

Michelle Chen recently releases her new album Me, myself and I. She describes her new song, Sorry as a “song filled with guilt”. While there were speculations that the song was about her secret romance with Alan Ko, it turns out that it is an apologetic song for her first boyfriend, Aron. Taiwanese tabloids...

Michelle Chen giggled upon hearing Louis Koo’s name

Yesterday, Michelle Chen was in Hong Kong to hold her autograph session for her latest album, Me, Myself and I. Dubbed as a goddess, the 29-year-old attracted many male fans to grabbed her autograph and some even declared their love for her on stage. While one guy knelt down with a rose in his mouth, […]

Vivian Dawson and Jolin Tsai are living together?

Is romance heating up for Vivian Dawson and Jolin Tsai? Taiwanese tabloids recently claimed that the couple had started cohabiting, when Vivian was spotted entering Jolin’s house at night! A few days night, Vivian was having a gathering with a group of friends. He reportedly bade goodbye to a beautiful female fri...

Kai Ko declares love openly for Elva Hsiao

Romance of Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao has been frowned upon due to their 12 years age gap. Despite public’s skepticism on their relationship, love is definitely going stronger for the couple. Recently, Kai finally declares love openly for Elva when he wrote in his Weibo, “I will strive to be the person you deser...

Roy Chiu’s nude photo exposed

Following the breakup with Tiffany Tang, Roy Chiu has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons again. Tabloids recently published a nude photo of Roy in his younger days. In the photo, Roy’s hands were tied and he knelt down with a leg to cover his genital area. Well-known for his gentleman and prince charming [&h...

Yoga Lin in New York with G.E.M. Tang?

The romance of Yoga Lin and G.E.M. Tang first surfaced in 2010 when they were caught on a date together. Since then, the couple was rumoured to have broken off and reconciled several times. Recently, Yoga openly praised G.E.M. for being “the most brightest star in the sky” on Weibo after watching her perfor...

Kai Ko does not rule out flash wedding with Elva Hsiao

Despite their 12-year age gap, love is going strong for Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao! At an event yesterday, Kai revealed that his father was very pleased with his girlfriend, Elva. As Elva recently created her fashion label, she would consult Kai’s father for advice. “My family is in the fashion business. She wil...

Jay Chou hooks up with another Eurasian model?

Tabloids claimed that Jay Chou has been hooking up with his leading actress, Li Zhen in his upcoming movie, Rooftop <天台>. Like his existing girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan, Li Zhen is also an Eurasian who is a Chinese-Russian mix from Xi’an, China. The 22-year-old model is cast in Jay’s latest self-direct...

Leehom Wang speaks at Oxford University

Leehom Wang becomes the first Chinese singer to be invited as a speaker for the Oxford Union at the University of Oxford on 21 April 2013. The Oxford Union, whose membership is drawn primarily but not exclusively from the University of Oxford has often invited distinguished speakers namely, Albert Einstein, Michael Jac...