James Wen admits arrival of baby

James Wen had been declining to respond about his baby arrival news after the tabloids reported that his girlfriend Xiao Jun had given birth to a baby girl last week. Yesterday, the Taiwanese actor finally admitted that his girlfriend had given birth to a baby girl last Friday. The baby is nicknamed, “Little Sunn...

Lin Chi-ling: “My breasts are real”

Possessing a stunning figure and a beautiful face, Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chi-ling has always been plagued by plastic surgery rumours. After she fell off from a horse during a commercial shoot in 2005, rumours have been circling that she has undergone breast implant surgery. Recently, the rumours have escalate...

James Wen admits baby news

James Wen finally comes clean that his girlfriend is pregnant. For the past week, rumours are rife that James is going to be a father soon and that his girlfriend is already 8 months pregnant. He remained mum about the rumours until yesterday at a publicity for his new album. He admitted the baby rumours, “Yes, i...

Vanness Wu accepts diving challenge for NT$1.2 million

Vanness Wu took up the challenge and participated in the Jiangsu TV’s Stars In Danger: High Diving programme. Celebrities who participate in the programme will get a crash course from the diving professionals before taking the diving board at an Olympic-sized pool. After two weeks of intense training, Vanness fin...

Female lead annoyed by Jerry’s popularity

Recently, Jerry Yan accepted a new mainland drama, Unforgettable Love <戀戀不忘>. Rumour has it that the female lead, Tong Liya is annoyed by Jerry’s popularity. The F4 member never fails to attract flocks of fans to the filming location. Liya reportedly is unhappy that Jerry’s fans always surrounds the f...

Fans rally JJ and Hebe to be together

Since starting out his singing career, JJ Lin has declared openly that he has a crush on Hebe Tien. At a media conference, the Singaporean singer expressed that he dared not pursue Hebe and pleaded Ella Chen for help. On 30 March 2013 midnight, JJ sent his birthday greetings to Hebe who turned 30. His […]

James Wen rumoured to be a father soon

James Wen’s romance came to light when he was photographed kissing his girlfriend in 2009. The 35-year-old Taiwanese actor remains low-key about the identity of his girlfriend. Nothing is known about his girlfriend except that she is someone outside the showbiz and is an ordinary office worker. Lately, rumour has...

Leehom Wang guilty over Leslie Cheung’s death

In 2000, Leehom Wang collaborated with Leslie Cheung in his self-directed short movie, From Ashes to Ashes <煙飛煙滅>. At the 10th year death anniversary of the late Hong Kong superstar, Leehom expressed sadly, “We love him very much. It is like losing a family member.” Leehom revealed that Leslie had no ...

Jolin rejects Vivian’s proposal twice?

Taiwanese tabloids claimed that Jolin Tsai had rejected her beau’s wedding proposal twice. Sources said that Vivian Dawson had proposed to Jolin in 2012 while the couple was vacationing at London. He popped the question again in New Zealand after introducing Jolin to his parents. However, Jolin reportedly rejecte...

Tiffany Tang dismisses suicide rumours

Two days ago, Tiffany Tang was warded into a hospital after her left hand bled profusely. A picture of bleeding tissues was circulated by a working crew via WeChat who wrote, “It’s so scary to receive such a news in the midnight. She was urgently sent to the hospital at 2 am. The bones could even be [&helli...

Chris Wang dismisses romance with Vivian Hsu

Chris Wang and Vivian Hsu were speculated to be dating after the latter was spotted taking Chris with her to a family dinner. At the Ovaltine event yesterday, the Fierce Wife <犀利人妻> actor dismissed the rumour and emphasised that they were only friends. Chris shared that he got to know Vivian at a restaurant and t...
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Undergraduate insists to sue Jacky Wu

Jacky Wu was embroiled in a physical assault case on 8 February 2013. While having supper with Elvia Hsia, Kai Ko and Cheryl Yang, Jacky exchanged blows with three undergraduates, whom he thought were paparazzi. Yesterday, Jacky and the three students were summoned to a court session, but the Taiwanese host was missing...

Kenji Wu and Laurinda Ho spotted at same hotel

Relationship of Kenji Wu and Stanley Ho’s daughter, Laurinda Ho surfaced after the pair was caught vacationing at Maldives. Although the pair has emphasied that they are only friends, Laurinda reportedly visited Kenji when he was filming for a movie at the Hong Kong disneyland two days ago. Besides visiting Kenji with ...

Reen Yu spotted visiting Vic’s house and immediately ‘escaped’

After a hugging photo of  Reen Yu and Vic Chou was published last year, the couple’s romance came to light. Rumours are fueling that Reen has moved into Vic’s apartment and the couple is currently living together. Two nights ago, the paparazzi caught the 25-year-old actress taking a taxi to her boyfriend...

Inside story on Joe Chen and Louis Koo’s romance!

The romance of Hong Kong movie star, Louis Koo and Taiwan TV queen, Joe Chen has hit the headlines across tabloids. According to Ming Pao, the couple has secretly dated for two years and is in a serious relationship! The couple was introduced by a mutual friend in 2010, and started dating six months later. […]