Cecilia Cheung denies pregnancy rumours


Earlier, rumours were circling that Cecilia Cheung was pregnant after she was spotted looking bloated and wearing a loose dress.

During a recent interview, Cecilia denied that she was pregnant and said, “Two days ago, I went water-skiing. If I were pregnant, I would not be going for water-skiing!”

Cecilia has been active at church lately and has close relationships with her fellow Christian friends Sheren Tang, Sammi Cheng and Pinky Cheung. Recently, she even designed a set of 18K white gold jewellery, named as “I am a sinner”, and plans to give as gifts to her close friends.

Cecilia said that she initially wished to keep it a secret, but she did not expect that the news would leak out after 6 months of planning. She was puzzled why reports said that each set cost HK$80,000, as it was not meant to be on sale. The jewellery sets are meant to give to her friends as a form of blessings to them.

As to why she has named the jewellery set “I am a sinner”, Cecilia thinks that nobody is perfect, and everyone has to constantly improve themselves.

Source: HK Channel

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