Charlene Choi and Simon Yam win Best Actress and Best Actor for Category III film, ‘Sara’


Charlene Choi and Simon Yam clinched the top honours at the 2014 Macau International Movie Festival, held last night.

Walking at the red carpet, Simon praised his co-star Charlene for her excellent acting skills. Simon said, “Do not think that she has no figure, but she can actually act! She has a high chance of winning the Best Actress award.”

Indeed, Charlene clinched the Best Actress award for her most daring performance in her acting career. In the film Sara <雏妓>, Charlene portrays a journalist Sara, who takes a break to Chiang Mai, after her boss declined to run a cover story which she had worked on for four months due to the profit interest of the magazine. While at a pub in Chiang Mai, Sara ran into a prostitute Dok-My and was reminded of her secret past.

Sara was molested by her stepfather and left home when she was young. She then met a man, played by Simon, who was 30 years senior than her and began an immoral relationship with him for eight years. In exchange for her school fees, she was willing to sell her body.



Charlene said that she was initially very nervous and embarrassed about filming the bed scenes with Simon, but quickly overcome her anxiety.

“I thought a lot initially and used a lot of time to convince myself. Luckily, Simon is experienced filming such scenes. Many actresses said that Simon would make use of the camera angles to film such scenes, so I felt very assured,” said Charlene.

Charlene was also elated to win her first acting award. “I am very happy and able to clinch the awards together with Simon. This role is very different from my previous roles. It is a challenge and a breakthrough for me.”

Filming the bed scenes, Simon revealed that he would “report” to his wife, Qi Qi in advance. He said that his wife was understanding, but as the scenes are very intense, he will forbid his daughter to watch the film as she has not reached 18.

Source: Sina, Ming Pao 

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