Cheon Song-yi? Linda Chung earns praises for funny acting


In her latest drama, Limelight Years <華麗轉身> Linda Chung plays a bubbly, cute and a funny girl that is a complete makeover from her usual tragic roles.

She has earned praises for her bold wacky acting, and netizens liken her role to Cheon Song-yi in Korean hit drama, You Who Came From The Stars. 

In one scene, Linda who plays a materialistic girl, spoke with such arrogance to the sales assistant while buying a pair of shoes, “You are what you wear!”

It refreshes our memory that Jun Ji-hyun who plays Cheon Song-yi in You Who Came From The Stars, also loves to add in one or two lines of English sentences in her speech.

Linda’s image in Limelight Years also bears slight resemblance to Cheon Song-yi, who loves to wear bright lipstick and have long straight hair.

One netizen said, “She is exactly like Cheon Song-yi!”

Another said, “Cheon Song-yi’s transformation?”

One also said, “Linda acts so well. She does not need to play a pitiful girl anymore.”


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