Christine Fan reveals her painful fertility journey


Taiwanese celebrity couple, Christine Fan and Blackie Chen welcomed their twin boys in January this year.

In Christine’s new book, The pandas are here <熊貓來了>, the 39-year-old mother revealed her pain and suffering on her fertility journey.

Christine shared that in order to conceive, she had taken the ovulation induction injections at her abdomen area for ten consecutive days. Although the needles were short and thin, Christine was fearful of the injections as she had to inject herself with 2 to 3 needles per day. For her first few times, she had to rely on her husband, Blackie to help her with the injections.

Christine also experienced side-effects after the injection, such as bruises on her tummy, weight gain, mood swings and giddiness.

In order to increase her chances of pregnancy, Christine also had to insert her body with progesterone gel, and often experienced the side-effects of giddiness and nausea.

After enduring the suffering, Christine’s most exasperating moment was seeing her menstruation. Her confidence dropped and she felt very discouraging at that time.

Christine also revealed that when she first knew she was pregnant, she could not believe it, and used 10 pregnancy test kits in a go. She also said that she had in total used 40 pregnancy kits to make sure she was really pregnant.

Christine’s efforts have finally paid off, now that she had two little angels.


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