Christine Ng in high spirits following husband’s cheating rumours: “Problem is for you to solve”


Christine Ng’s husband, Kasey Lin were recently photographed by paparazzi to be on a “2-hour date” with a busty woman in his 7-seater vehicle. 

Yesterday, Christine apologised on behalf of her husband, and responded that she would interrogate her husband when she got home.

This afternoon, Christine recorded a programme in high spirits, and she was smiling brightly when she faced the reporters. Although she made it clear that she would not respond on her husband’s cheating rumours, the reporters still tried to fish more details from her.

When asked if she had talked to her husband, she said, “Yes. I said that I wanted to understand, but I won’t account to the public what we discussed. Thank you.”

When being probed if her husband now obeyed her completely, Christine smiled, “I’m going to ignore you. (The problem is solved?) When you look at me, do you think it’s solved? Problem is for you to solve.”

Christine also said, “I’m sleeping well, and living normally. I am happy!”



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