Christy Chung marries dating show co-star in Beijing


The twice-divorced Christy Chung married her dating show co-star, Golden Zhang Lun Shuo in Beijing on Nov 8, 2016.

The couple fell in love after filming reality dating programme, Perhaps Love <如果爱>. Due to their 12 years’ age difference, their relationship has been under harsh criticisms. Golden’s mother was said to have reservations towards Christy initially as she was worried that she might not be able to conceive due to her age.

Overcoming all odds, Christy and Golden held a marine themed wedding in Beijing, which was attended by Christy’s three daughters, Yasmine Ross, 18, Jaden Yen, 8, and Cayla Yen, 6 from her previous marriages.

Christy once expressed that she wanted to have a child with Golden. On the day of their wedding, the bridal bed was set up with red dates and lotus seeds, to bless the union with fertility.



At the wedding, Golden also said that they had baby plans, and hopes to have a boy as he is surrounded by girls in the family. Golden also said that he would let Christy manage his finances in future.

Moved to tears, Christy declared her love for Golden on stage. “You re my best friend! You complete my life. I will love you forever. Will you marry me sooner in the next life?”

Golden replied, “Dear, I think I may be a little young, and not strong enough. I may not have a king’s capability, but I have the spirit of a knight. I will protect you and this family, and do my best!”

Christy was initially speculated to be pregnant, after Golden replied on a Weibo to Chinese actress, Li Feier, “You are not able to attend, but you have to attend the first month banquet the next time!”

Christy has since dismissed the pregnancy rumours. She said, “It’s a misunderstanding. A friend was not able to attend so he joked that she had to attend the first month banquet. I also wish to have a baby and we will work hard, but we would also take things easy.”

Sharing her feelings about her wedding, Christy said, “Many friends hugged me. I finally found my true love and had my dream wedding. I am so blessed!”








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  1. The Chinese wedding outfits are amazing and beautiful. To: ramawiki, note: Zhang Lun Shuo does NOT have Eurasian feattures. Eurasian men with those kind of facial features may look ugly. On the other hand, Zhang Lun Shuo looks fine with those facial features which resemble great Chinese Asian features.

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