Chu Ke-liang on Jeannie Hsieh’s allegations: “You are vicious”


At her concert last Saturday (May 14), Jeannie Hsieh brought up her sad past and accused her father Chu Ke-liang of abusing her mother, having extra-marital affair and leaving their family behind to shoulder his debts.

After 22 hours, Chu Ke-liang posted a video to retaliate his daughter, saying that she was “vicious”.

The 69-year-old comedian TV host said, “I left the concert early and only knew about the video later. She revealed all my scandals. So vicious. My daughter, your dad’s heart is not that evil. I didn’t know you would do such thing. I never expect you to reveal our family matters at your concert. I felt like I was being shot.”

Chu Ke-liang revealed that when Jeannie got into a car accident at 17, he visited her at the hospital and borrowed money to save her live. He also said that he helped to pave road to fulfill Jeannie’s dream of becoming a singer.

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“After you become popular, you said that you did not depend on your dad. When you first became singer, I was the one bringing you to attend the variety shows. You didn’t depend on me at all? I saved Jeannie Hsieh’s life too. There is a saying, you worship the tree that bears you fruit. I am your father afterall.”

In 2009, Jeannie was reported to be an unwed mother. Chu Ke-liang revealed that when she was pregnant, he was away in overseas, and Jeannie’s half-brother was the one arranging her to give birth in the United States.

He said, “My son knew who the child’s father was. I didn’t even know. Isn’t that cruel?”

At the end of the video, Chu Ke-liang also wished Jeannie the best in her life.

Source: Ettoday, Nownews

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