Coffee Lam could be fired over restroom scandal; Mother defended in tears: “She was drunk”


Coffee Lam’s image is totally ruined after she was caught in the act with her boyfriend in a public handicap restroom for 30 minutes. Paparazzi also recorded the couple’s conversations and their moaning sounds during their ‘private gathering’ in the restroom.

After the scandal surfaced, TVB’s management executive Virginia Lok responded that the TV station would not condone artistes with no moral standards. Coffee’s current projects may also be rearranged due to her negative image. Coffee could also lose her job anytime, and faces a bleak future.

The 25-year-old model-actress reportedly stays with her parents, brother, nephew and niece in a public housing and has to take up the responsibility of supporting her family. After the scandal circulates, Coffee is said to have hide in a friend’s place and cried for a night, feeling that she had brought shame to her parents. When a reporter called her for an interview, she did not pick up the call, but sent a text message, begging the media not to harass her family.

Coffee’s parents currently rent a small shop that sells video game products. When a reporter visited the mother at her shop, she broke down in tears, and defended Coffee, saying that she was drunk that night.

Mrs Lam said, “This is her personal life. Why do you all keep going after her? Why did you all have to write so ruthlessly about her?”

Mrs Lam said that Coffee had been dating her boyfriend for two months. Although she had not meet him, Coffee had mentioned to her before that he was courting after her and treated her well.

Yesterday, Coffee expressed regret over her lax behaviour and apologised on her Weibo. She wrote, “I admit that I was lax that night and did not watch my conduct at a public area. I was heartbroken because I disappointed my family and friends. I truly understand that I have to bear the consequences and I will face it bravely. “Who doesn’t make mistakes? I will change.”

Knowing that she is the financial support of the family, Coffee’s friend has arranged for her to perform at a show in Beijing, as her current work could be put on hold due to her negative reputation now.

Meanwhile, Coffee’s boyfriend is identified as Will Lam, the heir and director of High Fashion International Limited. His company is worth HK$900 million!

After the scandal, Will reportedly has asked for a transfer to Hangzhou’s office to avoid the media.

Source: HK Channel 

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