Coffee Lam denies having sex in public restroom

Coffee Lam

Coffee Lam was fired by TVB after her restroom sex scandal with Will Lam, the heir of High Fashion International Limited hit the headlines.

During a recent interview, Coffee clarified the scandal and at times, even broke down in tears. Coffee stressed that she did not make use of the scandal to create publicity for herself.

She said, “Nobody will gamble with her future, family and chastity.”

Coffee said that she did not know that Will was the heir of a public listed company. She even sang praises of him, saying that he was filial and shared the same family values as her.

When asked if it was Will who dragged her to the public restroom, Coffee said, “Yes! I did not clarify all along because I did not wish to hurt the guy.”

When probed what they were doing inside the restroom, Coffee cried and said, “I did not have sex in the restroom. I was drunk badly and vomited. I felt uncomfortable and he took me to a restroom. After that, he kissed me. I also liked him. My sound (referring to her moaning sound) was just natural reaction. Subsequently, a cleaner knocked the door and I wanted to get out quickly, so I said ‘let’s go home first’. I already felt that there was someone outside. Who knew that when we opened the door, the reporters were outside. I did not expect that.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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