Coffee Lam makes headlines again with scandalous photos


After the restroom sex scandal, Coffee Lam is in hot soup again with scandalous photos on her and her ex-boyfriend. A series of kissing photos of her and Joey Law have been circulating on the web and some of which are smooching photos taken on bed.

The TVB actress has no lack of scandals. Possessing a voluptuous figure, Coffee was rumoured with numerous male artistes and production crew. She was recently caught to have a ‘private gathering’ at a public handicap restroom with Will Lam, the heir of High Fashion International Limited.

Coffee reportedly dated Joey Law, the former Mr. Hong Kong participant, when they were filming for a drama together in 2009. The couple eventually broke up after dating for some time.

As the photos were published just after her restroom scandal, many wondered if it was a publicity stunt by the actress herself. Coffee responded that she was betrayed by a friend, who posted the photos on the web. She stressed that she did not intentionally leak the photos to gain publicity.

Coffee has also apologised to Joey over the photos. She said, “He is very nice and told me not to worry.”


Joey responded that the photos were taken four to five years ago. Asked if he had suspected that it was an deliberate publicity by Coffee, Joey said, “No comment.”

Coffee was supposed to meet up with TVB management over her contract two days ago. The TV station reportedly has plans to terminate her contract due to her negative image. However, Coffee has delayed the meeting, citing that she is unwell.

Source: Nownews 

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