Demi Yin apologises to Puff Kuo for “fake sweetheart” scandal

Recently, Taiwanese artiste Demi Yin revealed in variety show, The Queen’s Legendary Show <麻辣天后傳> that she was framed by another female artiste in the same agency.

In the show, she disclosed that a female artiste had once complained to her about their agency. She eventually found out that artiste had told the agency that Demi was the one complaining about the agency to the outsiders. In the end, Demi was “frozen” by the agency.

She said angrily on the show, “The thief crying to stop thief. It was terrifying. I was framed by her terribly at that time.”

According to Taiwanese media, the host Li Jing although whispered the name of the female artiste, the working crew could hear that the name she was whispering was Puff Kuo.

Demi was said to have replied embarrassingly, “You are too loud!”

When the report was out, an insider revealed to the media that Demi and Puff were not friends at all, and exposed that Demi had bad working attitude. The insider said. “She is the real fake sweetheart!”

After a string of reports surfaced, Demi apologised to Puff on Facebook yesterday.

She said. “I am sorry for the damage to Puff. During the recording, I did not specify any name as it happened a long time ago. I and the person involved had left the company. I did not explain or clarify on the speculations, and I did not expect it to become a misunderstanding. I am really very sorry and hope that everyone does not pursue the matter anymore, so as to prevent Puff from being hurt again. Thank you.”

Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily TW

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