Donnie Yen exchanges parenting tips with Vin Diesel


Ip Man star, Donnie Yen will be joining the cast of Vin Diesel’s xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage. 

Although it is Donnie’s first collaboration with Vin Diesel, he shared that besides discussing script, the two men also exchanged parenting tips.

Donnie said, “We usually discuss the script and hope that the movie will be well-liked by audiences around the world. Besides that, we also love to talk about our kids. He is a family man, and loves his family. He is like me. We both think that besides filming, family is most important! His girlfriend is often on the filmset, and always chat with Cecilia on family matters.”

Earlier, reports said that Donnie had replaced Jet Li in the  xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage. Donnie dismissed the reports and said that his role was different from Jet’s role. Donnie was not upset about the reports.

He said, “In every film. I hope to try out new role. The actions are very special this time, like X-Game.  Vin Diesel and I have very unique fighting scenes. It is really very challenging.”

Donnie also reunited with Thai martial artist, Tony Jaa whom he has worked with many years ago.




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