Elaine Ng: I do not blame Jackie Chan for what happened


Since giving birth to her daughter Etta Ng, Elaine Ng has rarely uttered a word about her ex-lover, Jackie Chan.

Recently, Elaine was in the spotlight again after being arrested for alleged child abuse. Her 15-year-old daughter was the one who reported the case to the police as she was troubled by her mum’s drinking problem.

During a recent interview, Elaine disclosed that she was under tremendous stress being a single mother, but has never blamed Jackie for her plight.

When asked if she had spoken to Etta about her biological father, Elaine said, “I don’t have to say anything right? Actually, I did not hide it from her. A family needs to communicate, but I did not realise that she was unhappy.”

Etta has revealed to her teachers in school that she had once contemplated suicide.

Denies receiving breakup fee from Jackie Chan 

Rumour has said that Elaine had received a sum of money from Jackie when she moved to Shanghai with her daughter.

Elaine sighed and said, “You know I don’t like to explain. Every relationship involves two parties. No one can be perfect. I am not perfect and have no right to comment on others.”

Asked if she has single-handedly raised her daughter all these years, Elaine said, “I give birth to her! She is my own flesh and blood. If I don’t take care of her, who else will?”

Elaine moved back to Hong Kong with Etta several years ago. Although there were speculations about her motive to return, Elaine felt no need to explain to outsiders.

“I cannot withstand the pressure! I have to work. Why do I have to be accountable to others about my life? Both are willing parties when it comes to dating. It was all in the past. What else is there to talk?”

Does not blame Jackie Chan for her plight 

Elaine said that despite her situation, she does not blame Jackie. “I don’t hate anyone. If you ask me, I hate myself the most. I’m not joking. I am really tired. I hate it when I heard others address my name.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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