Elaine Ng issues apology: “I will learn to be a better mother”


Yesterday, Elaine Ng held a press conference and issued an apology, after she was arrested for alleged child abuse.

“I have to first say sorry for causing everyone to be so busy recently. The case is currently being handled by a lawyer, and I can’t reveal much. I have to consider my daughter’s feelings now. Please do not harass her, and do give her back a normal life.  I will learn to be a better mother too.”

Her 15-year-old daughter, Etta Ng reported the case to the police as she felt helpless about her drinking problem. Asked if she would quit drinking, Elaine choked and said, “Actually… I have to improve in many ways.”

As the case is under investigation, Elaine has not seen her daughter even till today.

“She should still be [in the hospital]. I hope to do my job well. The social worker will help to check on her,” said Elaine.

Elaine said that she was not worried about losing custody of her daughter. She felt that she should first improve her communication with Etta.

Police also searched a small amount of substance suspected to be drugs at her home. The specimen was sent for further testing. Elaine declined to comment on the matter and said the case was handled by her lawyer.

“I just hope that my daughter can return home soon and be healthy.”

Asked if her ex-lover, Jackie Chan had asked about his daughter, Elaine replied, “I don’t know. I cannot be bothered about other’s matters. I only want my daughter to be safe and sound.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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