Elaine Ng is heartbroken that her daughter cuts her wrist for 20 to 30 times


Yesterday, Elaine Ng was wearing a pair of sunglasses throughout a radio programme. Initially, Elaine said that her eyes were swollen, but after being probed many times, she revealed shockingly that her daughter, Etta Ng had self-harmed herself and cut her wrist.

Elaine said, “Yesterday night, I discovered that her right hand was bleeding. She already tried to cover her hand so that I would not see it, but I still saw blood oozing out. I asked her why did she do it. She said she was affected by her classmates.”

“As parents, we are heartbroken seeing that our kids are hurt. Her hand has 20 to 30 scars. Some scars are very deep.”

Elaine stressed that Etta did not harm herself because of relationship or family issues, but rather it was because of problems with her classmates. It was not the first time which Etta had tried to harm herself, but this time, the situation was more serious.

Elaine also advised her daughter not to self-injured herself again.

“I spoke to her and asked her not to do it again. She replied that she would try. I have talked to her school to understand things better. She has returned to school today,” said Elaine.

Source: On.cc

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  1. For her to do that I’m sure she is verbally bullied by her classmate and I’m sure it got to do with her family problems being exposed to the media

    Hope she will get psychological help bec cutting ur self is a serious problem before everything get worst

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