Ella Chen confirms pregnancy!


Ella Chen has finally confirmed her pregnancy!

Recently, Ella was rumoured to be pregnant after she rejected being a spokesperson for an alcohol brand.

On October 22, Ella finally shared the happy secret on her Facebook. She said, “With my personality that can’t hide anything, this really drives me nuts! I wanted to share this with everyone at a right time, and when everything is more stable. This is the time now! I want to tell everyone: I am pregnant!”

Ella revealed that after her pregnancy test reflected positive, she was more shocked than surprised, and her mind went blank for a while. She thanked everyone for their blessings, and including her pet dog, Pudding.

She said, “We are going to be a family of four! (Daddy, mummy, pudding and baby). I am very happy!”

Two days ago, S.H.E attended an event together, and Ella also confirmed that she was three months pregnant. She remained tight-lipped about her baby gender, and will only reveal at her new album launch next Friday.


Hebe and Selina revealed that they received a pregnancy test stick each from Ella, and burst into tears after knowing that she was pregnant.

Ella shared that she tested her pregnancy twice in August, and in order to share the happy news with her two sisters, she bought another 2 pregnancy test sticks.

Hebe said, “I was at a loss. I wanted to cry but was worried that the waiter would spot me in tears.”

Selina said, “I am shocked! If someone photographed me, my tears will drop into the pot.”

After pregnancy, Ella said that her appetite had increased, but she had not experienced any nausea. Asked about her 40-year-old husband’s feelings of becoming a father, she said, “He has that ‘finally it’s my turn’ feeling.”



Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily

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