Ella Chen responds to criticism on sleeping with dog during pregnancy: “Pudding is my daughter”


Ella Chen recently shared that she was expecting a baby boy.

However, she has drawn criticism from netizens after posting a photo of herself sleeping with her dog, Pudding. Some netizens felt that pregnant women should have less contact with dogs.

Responding on the criticisms, Ella said, “Everyone has their views, but Pudding is my daughter!”

Ella revealed that her husband did not like the idea of having a pet initially, but now he has grown to love Pudding so much.

“Now, when he comes home from work, he does not even remove his shoes or jacket, and the first thing he does is to lie on the floor and play with Pudding! He really loves Pudding.”

Ella shared that Pudding had undergone training when she was 3 months’ old and has learnt many tricks. She said, “This is my husband’s request. He wants Pudding to have some discipline at home.”

Hence, Pudding’s behaviour is very stable, and she will not jump onto people. Ella is also not afraid that Pudding would jump on her tummy. She said, “Please! My tummy is very strong and hard!”

When asked if she would mind her baby being licked by Pudding in future, she said, “I totally don’t mind. Pudding is my daughter!”



Source: Ettoday

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