Elva Hsiao attends wedding with Kai Ko’s family


Taiwanese tabloids reported that Elva Hsiao had accompanied Kai Ko and his family to attend a wedding banquet at their hometown in Penghu, Taiwan.

Dating for a year, Elva and Kai’s relationship has progressed rapidly. Recently, Elva attended the wedding of Kai’s cousin as a family member. Kai has also admitted that Elva had went together with his parents and relatives to Penghu and she got along well with his family.

Recalling excitedly about his trip, Kai said, “Penghu is my hometown and I know almost everyone there. However, the place was transformed by the government into a cultural and tourist area. I will return to the place three to four times when I was young.”

When asked if he and Elva had wished to gain some experience on wedding planning, Kai blushed and said, “No.”

As the trip also coincided with Penghu’s firework festival, Kai said excitedly, “I was fascinated. The fireworks just occurred right in front of our eyes for 20 minutes!”

Elva who was in Shanghai a few days ago responded, “We are only good friends. Please do not dwell into it too much.”

Source: Apple Daily

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