Elva Hsiao dating Tom Cruise lookalike


After breaking up with her Singaporean boyfriend Elroy Cheo, Elva Hsiao reportedly is attached again.

The 36-year-old pop diva was spotted recently with a 30-something muscular Caucasian guy. According to Taiwanese media, Elva was having brunch and drinking champagne with a female friend and a Tom Cruise lookalike man. Although the man did not speak much, his focus was on Elva all the time.

A source also confirmed that Elva had been dating a Caucasian guy for 3 months. They got to know each other through a mutual friend. During the lunar new year, Elva reportedly travelled to United States with her new beau for 2 weeks.

Elva’s string of ex-boyfriends include Sunny Wang, Kai Ko and Elroy Cheo, and they were all good-looking men. Her new beau is said to have a well-built body and resembles Tom Cruise in his younger days.

Compared to her previous relationships, Elva is rather low-key this time. Her Instagram has no trace of her new romance. Even her good friends have helped to keep it a secret.

Elva’s agency has declined to respond on her new relationship.

Source: Apple Daily

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One thought on “Elva Hsiao dating Tom Cruise lookalike

  1. Many of my friends say that I am a very pretty Chinese Asian girl. I have a much more beautiful figure and nicer face, and I have bigger and nicer eyes than this man, Tom Cruise and/or his wife who look fine but who is not even sexy, not hot and not handsome. Some men may be muscular but look ugly and those are two different things. Tom Cruise who is 55 years of age? was not well built like this article states in his younger days and Tom would have been born about 19 to 22 years before I was born. Could the people who did this Elva Hsiao article, please stop using this overrated and annoying Tom Cruise to harass people. It does not matter if Elva Hsiao’s boyfriend looks or does not look like him. Obviously, Elva Hsiao is acting whitewashed in a bady way, dating the wrong man if he has to use Tom’s name and perceived status to bully different people. Asian Chinese people (who are not living overseas), 95% want to date their own Chinese Asian people and do not like those interracial relationships.

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