Etta Ng begs mum to let her meet her dad, Jackie Chan


Last month, Elaine Ng was arrested for alleged child abuse after her daughter, Etta Ng reported the case to the police.

After being discharged from hospital, Etta refused to move back home as she did not know how to face her mother. Etta then moved in with her godmother. Two weeks ago, Etta finally moved back home and reconciled with her mother.

Last week, the mother and daughter attended a birthday celebration. Etta confided in an auntie about why she had fallen out with her mother.

According to the source, the 15-year-old teenager has requested to meet her father, Jackie Chan.

“Etta said she had always wanted to meet her father, even if it was only for once, she would be satisfied. However, Elaine objected to it. Etta promised her mum that she would focus on her studies if her mum agreed. As Etta has always done well in her studies, Elaine has always wanted to earn more money so that she could send her to Harvard University to advance her studies.”

“However, ever since they return to Hong Kong, Etta has constantly read about her father’s news, and wanted to meet him. Elaine objected to it, and their relationship estranged. Etta began to act rebellious, and has no heart to study,” said the source close to Elaine.

Having problems at work and family, Elaine is under tremendous stress as a single mother. The source revealed that she had to resort to drinking to “numb” herself and many times, became very emotional and “lost control”.

“Etta was helpless seeing that she could not help her mum. So, she started to miss her father. She is not happy and could not find any solution, so she tried committing suicide. The school decided to file the police report after finding that she had many scars on her wrist.”

When asked recently if she would like to meet her father, Etta stood next to Elaine, looking embarrassed and said, “I can’t reply.”

Elaine immediately replied, “I am rushing to work. Can’t you see I have so many people to feed.”

Jackie has also recently spoke about his love child and expressed his guilt towards her. The 61-year-old star said that he would “let nature take its course” about acknowledging his daughter.

Jackie said, “If we happen to meet, so be it. I’m very easy-going.”

Source: HK Channel 

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