Etta Ng finally returns home


Last month, Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter, Etta Ng reported her mother, Elaine Ng to the police for alleged child abuse. The 15-year-old teenager said that she was concerned with her mother’s drinking problem and wanted to seek help for her.

Unexpected that she would get her mother arrested, Etta went into hiding and refused to move back home after her discharge from hospital. She had been staying with her godmother since the incident happened as she did not know how to face her mother.

Two days ago, Etta has finally moved back home. Etta was spotted returning from school. Aware that there were paparazzi, Etta immediately wore the hood of her jacket, walked quickly and avoided the cameras.

Etta did not respond if she had apologised to her mother. When asked about her relationship with her mother now, Etta replied politely to the reporters, “We are fine. There are so many people here. I’m sorry. Bye bye.”

She then immediately dashed into her house.

On the other hand, Elaine also said that she would communicate with Etta more in future. “I will work hard and move forward. Please do not harass the child,” said Elaine.

Responding if she had persuaded Etta to return home, Elaine said, “She has to come back home one day. Things will have to be resolved. We will find a good solution.”

Asked if she had kept all her alcohol away, Elaine said, “We need to have trust. Everyone will make mistake and has weakness. What I can only say is, we will look after each other now.”

Elaine declined to respond if her child abuse case had come to an end, saying that the matter is being handled by a lawyer now.


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