Etta Ng refuses to go home again after a heated quarrel with mum


Etta Ng has sought help from school again after a heated argument with her mother, Elaine Ng. Elaine was also informed by the school that Etta had refused to go home.

Last night, Elaine went down to the school and hoped to see Etta. However, the school refused to let her meet Etta and instead arranged a social worker to talk to her.

Elaine was very emotional and recounted her quarrel with her daughter. “My daughter told me that she wanted to drink beer. I told her that I also needed red wine to help me sleep better, so I let her drink some.”

“When I asked her if she had done her homework as she had not returned school for a long time. She said that the teacher told her not to worry and said that her classmates all drank beer. I was not happy so I chided her. She went school today and confided to her teacher. Now, she said she is not coming home.”

Elaine also blasted the school for not helping her.

She said angrily, “I am a single mum. I need to work to earn money. I am under a lot of stress already. The school should try to help me and shouldn’t they be discussing with me instead? I have been trying to reason with the teachers that my daughter should return home. I am her mother. The teachers had all left after I came here. So, where is my daughter?”

Elaine also later told by the principal that Etta had been arranged to stay elsewhere temporarily.

When asked if their conflict was intensified because Etta wanted to meet her father Jackie Chan, Elaine said there was no such thing.

Source:, Apple Daily

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